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Joint Pain – Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

Millions of people globally experience joint pain in varying degrees. However, the implications of this common disorder can be different for every individual. Here is a compilation of some noteworthy points for understanding Joint Pain!

Joint pain is a very common health disorder that can happen to anyone. Right from a child to a grown up adult, anyone could suffering from joint pain for some or the other reason. It can be due to a physical injury, some internal disorder or just another age related problem.

Age related joint pains or Arthritis are often regarded as the toughest ones to handle because of their severe nature. Though they come in various forms and start showing symptoms from late 40s and reach a painful peak by early 70s, their pain can cause a great problem in general debility. The agonizing moments for a person suffering from osteoarthritis type of joint pains are majorly caused because of severe pain attacks that can last for hours.

When it comes to joint pain areas, shoulders, knees, back, hips, and hands are the most affected ones.. If the condition has arisen because of Arthritis then it can even reduce free movement of joints to a great extent. Excruciating pain in fingers, elbows, ankles and heels is something that you can’t even begin to imagine because of this condition.

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Though Arthritis is definitely a common cause for joint pains in old age and otherwise, there are certain other factors as well responsible for this condition. They are:

  • Reduction in synovial fluids present in the joint. This is caused mainly because of aging. The absence of enough synovial fluid leads to reduced lubrication of the joints, thus allowing  more friction between joints and thereby causing pain.
  • Age related osteoarthritis that causes natural wear and tear of the joints and also weakens the cartilage.
  • Autoimmune diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Women experience drop in estrogen levels after menopause, which also leads to joint pains
  • Unhealthy food and lifestyle habits that lead to gout in joints
  • Sprain and dislocation of joints caused because of any physical injury
  • Life threatening diseases like Leukemia and bone cancer
  • Bursitis, a painful condition that affects the small, fluid-filled sacs called bursae that cushion the bones, tendons and muscles near the joints. Bursitis is caused when the bursae become inflamed.
  • Sickle cell anemia and bone tuberculosis can cause joint pain in younger age

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The symptoms for joint pains vary from person to person depending on the location and causes behind them. However, general symptoms related to joint pains can be summarized as:

  • Swelling and inflammation of joints caused because of arthritis or any physical injury
  • Consistent stiffness and tenderness in joints
  • Moderate or acute pain in joints due to dislocation, arthritis or fracture
  • Difficulty in moving joints in day to day life. Free movement of joints is also impaired with age related arthritis
  • Any kind of difficulty and discomfort in turning over in bed can be caused becuase of arthritis or spondylitis
  • Creaking noise in joints is a common symptom for people suffering from osteoarthritis
  • In case of Rheumatoid Arthritis, fever, weight loss, muscle ache, fatigue, pain and inflammation of joints are the common symptoms
  • Common dislocation and sprain in joints mostly leads to severe joint pain and inflammation

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Now that we have defined the problem in a rather explanatory yet brief manner, it’s time to look into the possible remedial solutions for it. Here are some common home treatments and ailments that you can give a try to get rid of joint pains.

  • Dietary changes, like including more of Vitamin and Fiber rich foods in your diet can help in treating age related osteoarthritis. You need to completely exclude foods which are rich in calories.
  • Include foods like fish, walnuts and nuts in your diet as they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that help in treating joint pain.
  • Banana helps in improving strength and lubrication of joints
  • Drinking hot turmeric milk on daily basis can help in relieving all sorts of body pains
  • Rubbing hot vinegar on painful joints before going to bed bring relief to moderate pain
  • Mix 2 tsp of apple cider vinegar with 2 tsp of honey in a glass of water. Drink it to get relief from joint pains
  • Make a concoction using camphor, eucalyptus oil, methyl salicylate and menthol. Apply it on affected joint for quick pain relief.
  • Add Epsom salt to your daily bath water or massage it on the affected joints to reduce pain.
  • Applying hot and cold compress to the joints also relieves the pain
  • Indulge in regular cardio and yoga postures to strengthen your bones and joints. This is important for both prevention and treatment of this particular health condition.

However, if your condition is severe, then free movement of the joints must be restricted completely or should be carried out within the tolerable limit. If the problem persists then seeing a doctor should be your final solution as some problems can only be treated with medical attention.

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