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Lifting Weights In The Gym – How To Do It Better

Written By Saurabh Monga

Lifting Weights In The Gym - How To Do It Better

Whether a beginner or a pro, lifting weights correctly can be a common concern. How to do it better is the next question on the mind. It's time to find out about both!

Gym is certainly not always about lifting weights. You do cardio like running, cycling, rowing etc. You can also go for various exercises for abs, shoulders, back and chest which do not require lifting weights. This may include exercises like crunches, pull ups, leg raises etc. However, lifting weights is a very serious and important part of your complete training and full body workout. And the moment you include weight lifting in your daily gym training, you have to increase your level of concentration and cautiousness. 

How many times have you stepped into the gym, absolutely confident, raring to go, lusting after the iron, impatient to lift the most you can? But the key is to understand how to lift and then concentrate on how much to lift. If you do not know how to lift weights, then you can get injured, even if the the weight lifted was less. 

Importance of Lifting Weights the Right Way

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Improves Confidence of Beginners
If you are a beginner trainig in a gym, you have to be all the more careful. One because your body is not habitual to intensive training and lifting. And, two because like every beginner you are booming with overflowing energy to become like Arnold Schwarzenegger in a day. Therefore, it is important to take one step at a time and understand correct weight lifting techniques for great results. Once you start lifting correctly, you will get the right dose of confidence and motivate you to continue training with minimum or no experience of injuries during a workout.

Better Muscle Building
It’s no rocket science, but a simple thing to understand – Correct lifting = Better building. Irrespective of whichever body part you are working on, you will get good results if you are lifting weights in the correct manner. So, be it doing barbell for biceps or deadlifts for explosive strength or bench press for a great chest, understanding the correct technique of lifting weights is extremely important.

Avoiding Gym Injuries

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One of the common things you may get to see in a gym is people experiencing injuries like – Muscle pull, sprains, cramps etc. Sometimes, especially when lifting weights incorrectly, people may end up with serious injuries like a muscle tear, twists & fractures, or even slip discs. Therefore, using the correct technique to lift weights is very important. 

Correct Techniques of Lifting

Let’s look at the correct strategy for lifting weights – 

  1. Understand the movement of the exercise
  2. Remember the grip space for the exercise, close or wide
  3. You must also know the type of grip required for the exercise. 

  • Pronated 
  • Supinated
  • Mixed etc.
  1. Never put more weights than you can lift
  2. Use gym essentials – It is highly advisable to use gym essentials important for better lifting. These gym essentials include – weight lifting belt, supporter, gloves for grip, a pair of good quality shoes, and essential training/gym clothes. Gym essentials for training may also include your protein shakes or other required bodybuilding supplements recommended by your gym trainer
  3. Do not forget to warm-up before you start lifting. Remember – There are different warm-up exercises for different types of lifting weights. Please consult your trainer for the same. 

Lifting Weights – How To Do It Better

Motivation to Keep Going is the Key

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Energy supply from the body is not the only thing useful to keep going. Focus in your mind and motivation in the heart act as a fuel too.

1. Visualise yourself as the person you want to be after years of training
If you are looking for serious muscle, you need to feel like you can fight a war when you enter the gym. You need to focus, block all the mediocrity around you, and get your training instincts up. All you must see is the weight, and see yourself work it out. 

2. Listen to music that truly inspires you
Here, music can come to your aid. Listen to music that inspires you; not what you listen to for fun. Listen to the sort of music that makes you want to give it everything when you train. You shouldn’t be coming to the gym to socialize, or make friends. That may come as a byproduct, but don’t let it get in the way of your training. 

3. Socialise in the gym to learn the tricks of the trade
The only way you should be socializing is learning. See the biggest, strongest person in the gym? Ask them their methods. Try to convince them to train with you. Learn from them – don’t ape them about everything, but selectively gain knowledge from them that helps. Try to find out about how certain muscles work, and what works for you. Do not be part of the bicep culture everyone seems to be part of, and try to develop true strength. Back it up with proper nutrition and you have the perfect recipe for some serious muscle.

4. Let training be an escape sometimes
Many men and women who have achieved greatness in strength sports such as powerlifting, Olympic lifting and of course, bodybuilding, have described training in the gym to be an emotional support as well. When other things in life aren’t going too well, keep training as a constant. It’s a great way to vent and reap the rewards as well.

5. Keep yourself focused, but be reasonable about it
However, focus doesn’t mean you become a menace in the gym. Wait your turn, don’t steal someone else’s weights and re-rack the weights once you’ve used them. Being a serious lifter and being an annoying presence are two very different things.

As Arnold Schwarzenegger once famously said, “The mind is the limit. As long as the mind can envision the fact that you can do something, you can do it, as long as you really believe 100 percent.”
Stay Focussed! Train Right! Lift Better!


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