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Meet Andrew Jones – A Bodybuilder Without A Heart

Written By Saurabh Monga

Bodybuilder Without A Heart

Andrew Jones is inspiring millions each day, as he is building muscles, without a pumping heart in his chest. The story of Andrew Jones and his passion for bodybuilding is simply unparalleled.

Andrew Jones is a true example of indulging in something religiously. It would not be wrong to say that his passion for bodybuilding is no less than worship. And why has this been compared to worship? 
Well, what would you call the dedication of a man who has no pumping heart in his chest but still has the heart to pursue bodybuilding? We, call him “Andrew Jones” – a Braveheart.

Image Source: Andrew Jones Instagram “fitnesswithaj

Story of Andrew Jones – The Braveheart Bodybuilder

The year 2012 changed the life of fitness lover Andrew Jones. During one of his running routine, he suddenly started coughing blood. And the next thing he knew was – He needed a heart transplant. It was a tough time for Andrew, especially when there was no heart available for transplant. So, the immediate thing that had to be done was fitting Andrew Jones with an artificial heart and a pacemaker to save his life. This procedure, though saved his life, left him weak physically. He had breathing problems now and was not able to even walk properly. But, what this situation couldn’t weaken or break was his spirit and passion for bodybuilding.

Let’s listen what Andrew has to say about his transformation journey – 

Once he was focused, there was no looking back. He now trains regularly and has undergone a great & inspiring transformation. He is the living example of fitness motivation for all who have various excuses for not exercising or taking out time for fitness. He has also started a charity called ‘hearts at large’.

MuscleBlaze - Tum Nahi Samjhoge

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Let’s have a look at some of his super motivating pictures. We salute the spirit of Andrew Jones for fighting against all odds and emerging as a true champion. And if these images aren’t enough for inspiration, then maybe nothing else could be.

Image Source: Andrew Jones Instagram “fitnesswithaj”        


Image Source: The Remedy Online

So, the bottom line is that – The artificial heart of the 26-year-old braveheart bodybuilder Andrew Jones is not artificial in spirit after all. From plugging himself into a wall outlet every night for charging to steering himself every day for bodybuilding, Andrew Jones is the ultimate inspiration to watch out for.

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