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Milind Soman – Ironman At 50

Written By Saurabh Monga

Milind Soman

Milind Soman, the judge for India's Next Top Model season 3, won the IRONMAN title at the age of 50. Want to know his fitness secrets? Let's explore!

Tired after a long walk? Exhausted after an hour at the gym? Can’t even imagine swimming, cycling & running hundreds of kilometers. But that’s what Milind Soman – The Ironman exactly does.

Milind Soman, who is the current judge for the season 3 of India’s Next Top Model, is the true role model for ageless fitness. 

When we are exhausted and catching our breath after a few kilometers of cardio in the gym at the age of 30, Milind Soman probably won’t even break a sweat for this at the age of 50. And it’s not just a metaphor, but it’s an ironclad reality. Now you probably might say that Milind Soman is a national level swimmer, so he is obviously fit enough to cover long distances. Though being a swimmer does help, but is certainly not enough to win an Ironman title at 50. 


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It is a long distance triathlon. It requires intense training to complete this race. It is much tougher than training for a half-marathon or even a complete marathon. The Ironman triathlon includes a 3.8-km swim, an 180.2-km cycle ride, and 42.2-km run raced in the same order but without a break. The participants are required to complete within 17 hours to win the title of ‘Ironman’. Milind Soman completed the Ironman Triathlon in 15 hours and 19 minutes, and that too at the age of 50 years. Now that’s what you call being fit!

According to Milind Soman, age is just a number when it comes to starting your journey towards fitness. To give you a shot of motivation – Milind Soman’s mother started trekking at the age of 60 years. And today she takes part in the Oxfam Trailwalker, a 100 km walk in Mumbai and Bengaluru. 

So are you now motivated to begin that long pending fitness journey you had always dreamt of? Let’s have a look at few fitness tips from the Ironman himself.

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Milind Soman Fitness Tips

The first step towards fitness should be to work on your internal body functions. According to Milind Soman, one must bring his body to function at 100% first and then start making fitness goals or bodybuilding targets. To get your body to function efficiently, you need to be disciplined about your daily diet. This healthy diet must include lots of fresh fruits that supply your body with the essential minerals & vitamins required to bring smoothness in your bodily functions. Once you are done with that, you can start training for anything you like and you will feel the difference in the results you get. 

That’s another excellent tip from the Ironman. Being close to nature in any form brings health to your body and peace to your mind. Start walking & running amidst natural surroundings like trails of green parks, beaches or anything that is filled with natural vegetation; you will feel the difference. From an uplifted mood to an increased will-power to do more, and to stress-free body at the end – it will be an experience never felt before.

Don’t have time for running outdoors or a luxury of natural surrounding nearby? Get a treadmill for regular running and try to make time on weekends for nature running, but do not skip working out. Regular workout is important for a fit and healthy body.

Let’s watch what Milind Soman has to say about running in this video – 

A strong core, reduced body fat, and an overall toned body are some of the amazing benefits of swimming. Swimming not only keeps you fit from the outside but also revitalizes your internal organs. For example, it is an excellent exercise for your lungs due to the workout they go through during strenuous breathing in swimming. Plus, the added advantage of swimming is that once you do it regularly, it’s more of a fun activity than a usual workout.

Using a bicycle for your daily commute is an excellent way to stay fit. The dual benefit is that you neither have to take separate time out for cycling as a fitness activity and nor do you actually miss on it. It is a great way to keep your legs muscles toned up and also adds to your abdominal crunch. 

Milind Soman recently cycled his way from Guwahati to Nagaon, covering a distance of 180 km in a single day. Now that’s what you call being cool and fit!

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As important it is to workout your way to fitness, as is staying hydrated during this journey. Drinking the right quantity of water at the right time can solve many health issues as it is a great way to detox your body. Also, staying hydrated during and after a workout is important to compensate all the water your body has lost as sweat during the workout. You need to balance the water level in your body and maintain a proper level of hydration in the body to get effective results from your workout.

Milind Soman, the Ironman of India, holds the Limca Record for running 1,500 km in 30 days for Greenathon. So, though it might take long for many of us to reach such a milestone, but fitness idols like Milind Soman certainly inspire us to begin our fitness journey.

Stay Inspired… Stay Fit… because Age is Just a Number!!   

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