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New To Gym? Learn How To Not Feel Lost

Written By Latika Gupta

New To Gym

It is always necessary for a novice gym goer to feel lost and intimidated during the initial days of their tryst with gym. Here is how can make the most of that time.

Going to a gym is certainly one of the best ways to get in shape, build a muscular physique and learn about new exercises. But initially, someone who is new to the gym feels a little intimidated, nervous and somehow lost in the world of exercise, heavy machine and a lot of passion for a workout. 

So, if you are also new to the gym and feeling confused about how to take baby steps of success then continue reading and find out 

Begin With Orientation 

Following the path of universities and colleges, even gyms these days offer orientation for new members that too for free to help learn about the gym and its facilities. During the orientation, you can expect to learn about the kind of classes that your gym has to offer and what all machines and activities like pool and sauna, they have for their members. 

As a new member, you can ask all the questions you have in mind at that time to avoid feeling lost during your first few visits. Make most of this orientation program to have a better gym experience and also learn a few basics of being a part of the gym. 

Arrive Early 

For a beginner, scheduled yoga, aerobics, and other cardio sessions is a great way to start. In the beginning of your training make it a practice to arrive early to start striking a conversation with your trainer. This will help in getting some quick tips to avoid problems with equipment placement, let the trainer understand your exact goal and help you in that same direction. 

Instructors on the other hand also ask about the new entrants to minimize the potential problems that may arise while training both new and old members together.

Ask For Help

One you will enter the gym you will be bound to across a range of unfamiliar equipment, especially during your initial days, which might make you feel a bit lost and confused. Finding yourself surrounded by so many unfamiliar machines it’s quite obvious to feel confused about their working and effect on a particular muscle group. 

Every time you come across some unfamiliar equipment, do not hesitate in asking for assistance from the gym employees. They will not only help you understand the working of the machine but will also tell you which muscle groups it will strengthen and safety precautions that need to be practiced. 

Whenever you are in doubt at the gym, it’s best to seek answers for your queries instead of feeling lost and confused. 

Begin With Known Equipment

When the feelings of confusion start looming over your good workout intentions, then it’s best to turn to the equipment you are well acquainted with instead of experimenting with something new. Gyms are not only about complicated machines, so you don’t have to bog down yourself with too much at the same time. 

Instead of heading towards a weight training machines, make optimum use of dumbbells and free weights. Such equipment is not a part of any machine and can be an excellent weight training solution for gym newbies. As a general rule, you should be focusing on learning about only one or two machines in every visit to let yourself be comfortable with them. This will not only reduce the chances of confusion with the working of every machine but will also give you an opportunity to get in good shape. 

Maintain A Good Level Of Hygiene 

Cleaning equipment before and after use is not good for maintaining personal hygiene but is also a matter of manners. As a new gym member, you might find paper towels in gym accompanied by spray bottles being used by other for cleaning equipment quite weird, but the reason behind this is simple, i.e. Hygiene. 

Being new to the setting, you might feel a little lost with gym protocols and it becomes all the more difficult when gyms have different rules for hygiene, manners, and sign in sheets. So, it is best to make maintaining a good hygiene a practice from your very first day in the gym to avoid germs and chances of sickness. 

Feeling like a fish out of water initially is quite common, but the discomfort you might be feeling now will be gone after a few visits. Also, taking some extra time to ask questions will help you overcoming the feelings of intimidation at the gym. 

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