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New Year Party Tips – Party Hard and Stay Healthy

Written By Saurabh Monga

New Year Party Tips - Party Hard and Stay Healthy

New Year Party means lots of food, drinks, and music. But health is important too. So let's see how to rock your new year party and stay healthy while you enjoy.

Yippeee!! It’s Party Time! 

A Dashing Party Outfit? Check!
A Great Smelling Perfume? Check!
High-Tech Gadgets? Check!
Music, and Friends? Check!

Party Tips??? Don’t Worry…We will help you with that!

New Year Party Tips – Enjoy!!!

Hold The Drink – A glass of whiskey, a shot of tequila or a mug of beer is quite common in a new year party celebration. However, the problem arises when these numbers increase to an uncontrolled amount. So, keep a limit on your drink and hold it by drinking slowly. You would enjoy more if you are in your senses while drinking with your friends, rather than being sloshed and not in your senses to enjoy every moment of the party. 

Don’t Mess it When you Mix it – It’s quite common to have cocktails, which is actually good at times because many cocktails have decent amounts of fruits and water. This not only makes the drink more tasteful but also keeps the alcohol content low. However, beware not to mix up different types of alcohol and other liquids without proper knowledge. This can be dangerous, as the finished product can be as good as poison, and may deteriorate your health by causing reactions in your body. So either mix, only if you know, or better ask a bartender for correct cocktail advice.  

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Eat Before and While You Drink – In a new year party, people are so engrossed in dance and music that they generally eat less or completely avoid eating. But what they don’t forget is drinking. And all drinks and no food can be a really unhealthy way to celebrate. So eat before and while you drink so that the alcohol is not the only thing that goes in your system. There should be food in your belly too to give a good company.

Stay Hydrated – Sounds a bit serious for a party animal? Well, forget the way it sounds and just concentrate on its health importance. Drinking lots of water is important. It helps keep your body hydrated and helps release toxins while you party, and even after that. It also helps dilute the level of alcohol you have consumed and thus may keep you in your senses for a longer time. 

Munch… Don’t Hog – Grooving on your favorite music is the soul of any party. And when it’s a new year party, the excitement is more than usual. And while you do all this and drink, of course, you tend to feel tired and hungry. Having food at this time is certainly the right option but just eat in a limit. Because, if you hog over food and overeat, not only are you stuffing your body with excess calories which you will have to really work hard to burn, but also you are stuffing your belly with excess food which you might end up throwing up while doing all the jumping, grooving and shaking in your dance moves. So eat, but in a limit.

Dance to your heart’s content – Yes, that’s right! Dancing to your favorite music number not only adds more to your party fun but also helps you burn calories. So, for all those who find exercising boring, this is the time to have fun and get in shape while you enjoy.

Apart from the above tips, there is a Bonus Tip which if you can manage to adhere to, could be really beneficial for your health while you party hard. And that tip is – Replace Fried Junk with Healthy Snacks at your party. So, here are 5 healthy party snacks that you can munch and enjoy during your new year’s party. Though it is understood that when you party outside, this option might not always be around, but it is a great option for a house party for the new year.

New Year Party Snacks – Eat Healthy while you Party Hard

  • Baked Nachos – Crunchy, Crispy, and Healthy (Skip Cheese)
  • Baked Chicken Legs – Hearty and Healthy (Replace Mayo with Low Fat Sauce)
  • Crispy Masala Idli – Light, Fresh, and Healthy
  • Roasted Almonds, Cashews and Peanuts – A Healthy ‘n’ Crunchy option that goes great with mocktails and cocktails
  • Grilled Corn – Both Sweet Corn and Baby Corn are a great appetizer and a healthy party snack.

So, all set to rock the New Year Party? Awesome! 
Worried about Hangover??? Don’t be! Stay tuned for our upcoming blog on “Quick Ways To Cure Hangover”
Till then… Just follow the above tips and have a great time!!! 

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