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Oily Skin Care Routine That’ll Work Wonders During the Monsoon

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oily skin care routine
Best Skin Routine for Oily Skin During Monsoon
Home Remedies for Oily Skin You can Try This Monsoon

With the monsoon arriving, are you worried about your oily skin? Does the excessive humidity run havoc on your skin? Well, you are not alone. The rainy season although gets a warm welcome, it also brings with it several skin issues due to the rising humidity. Skin tends to become oily and gives rise to acne, rashes, blackheads, and pimples. If you already have oily skin, it can get worse during monsoon. An oily skin care routine during monsoon is a must to keep your skin healthy and glowing. There are various tips and home remedies to tackle the oily skin during monsoon.

Best Skin Routine for Oily Skin During Monsoon

Follow the monsoon skin care tips given below and flaunt radiant, flawless, and healthy skin minus the oiliness.

1. Wash Your Face with Hot Water

Washing your face with hot water instead of lukewarm or cold water will help. Hot water will absorb the excess oil on the skin and prevent the eruption of various skin issues. Your skin will remain supple and radiant. 

2. Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliate and remove the dead cells from your skin. This is a great oily skin care routine to ward off clogged pores. Use a natural scrub to remove the dead cells, unclog the pores, remove impurities, and prevent acne. Scrubbing boosts blood circulation and detoxifies the skin as well. Do not overdo scrubbing as it can make your skin dry. Limit it to 2 to 3 times a week to benefit.

3. Cleanse Your Skin Daily

Cleansing your skin with a mild face wash is a compulsory part of the skin routine for oily skin. Check for the ingredients of the face wash before using one. A face wash with salicylic acid will give the best results. This helps greatly if you already have oily or acne-prone skin. Avoid cream-based cleansers if you have oily skin.  The pH level of the face wash also matters. When choosing a face wash for oily skin, always go for the one with a pH below 7.

4. Use a Toner for pH Balance

Maintaining the pH balance is very essential to keeping your skin healthy and young. Using a toner regularly does this job. A toner keeps your skin bacteria-free. Choose a non-greasy toner. A toner with antioxidants like green tea helps in the skin care for oily skin as it will balance the pH level as well as tighten the pores. This will prevent skin issues like acne, blemishes, and pimples.

5. Use Face Packs

Face packs that help absorb excess oil from your skin make an essential part of the oily skin care routine. You can use a clay face pack, Multani Mitti face pack, or Besan face pack. A face pack 2 to 3 times a week will help.

6. Avoid Too Much Makeup

Heavy makeup can clog the skin pores and cause breakouts. Wearing heavy makeup during the monsoon can add to the misery. If you are not used to heavy makeup or tend to avoid makeup, then continue with that. Use CC creams instead of concealers and foundations to give the skin an even tone. These creams will give a flawless and satin finish to your skin without feeling heavy on your face.

One more important skin care tip is to ensure removing the makeup before going to bed. Leaving the makeup on while you sleep can cause extensive damage to your skin. The restoration of the skin happens while you sleep and with the makeup on this process is hindered. Also, your skin ceases to breathe and signs of fatigue appear, making your skin dull and unhealthy.

Home Remedies for Oily Skin You can Try This Monsoon

Apart from the products available in the market for skincare of oily skin, there are skincare tips for oily skin with natural ingredients available in the kitchen:

1. Scrub and Cleanse with Neem

Neem is an ingredient available in most skincare products. It is a trusted and age-old remedy for several skin issues. Neem is rich in Vitamin E, Calcium, and limonoids and helps in keeping the skin healthy and glowing. It helps in managing oily skin, boosts collagen production, and reduces signs of ageing. The cleansing property of honey makes it an important part of the skincare tips to deal with blemishes and acne. Scrub your face with a mixture of neem and coffee powder. Leave the mixture on the face for a few minutes and cleanse it with warm water. The result will be flawless, radiant skin.

2. Cleanse Your Skin with Lemon

Cleansing your skin is important to remove the dirt and unclog the pores. A natural cleanser like lemon does a great job. Alpha Hydroxy Acid and Beta Hydroxy Acids present in Lemon remove dead skin cells. It helps in minimising blackheads, and acne, and lightens the skin. Vitamin C present in Lemon averts fine lines and wrinkles. A face wash prepared with lemon and honey does the cleansing. Apply the face wash and wash it off after 10 to 15 minutes with warm water for that bright and radiant look.

3. Moisturise with Honey

Honey has been used as a remedy for various skin issues from days immemorial. Honey consists of enzymes that facilitate moisturising your skin. It also makes the skin supple and soft. Besides, it lightens the skin. Honey has antioxidant, antibacterial and antiseptic properties that help in cleansing the pores and preventing blackheads. It improves the skin elasticity to keep it tight and wrinkle-free. A face mask prepared with honey and coconut oil will be of great skincare for oily skin. Gently massage your skin with the mixture. Allow it to stay for some time and then wash off with cold water.

4. Use Oatmeal on Skin

One of the skin care tips using oatmeal can do wonders for your oily skin. It absorbs the excess oil and also removes dead skin cells. Grind oatmeal and make a face pack with honey or yoghurt. You can also use mashed bananas, apples or papaya with oatmeal. Apply the oatmeal face pack and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. Wash with warm water.


A skincare routine is a necessity irrespective of the season. A tweak in the routine is necessary with change in seasons. The skincare routine depends on the skin type and so it is essential to know your skin type. The most difficult to manage is oily skin. Monsoon, in general, makes the skin oily due to the high humidity levels. 

If you already have oily skin, the monsoon can be a nightmare. Diligently follow the oily skin care routine this monsoon for a healthy, flawless, and radiant skin. If you are sceptical about the products available in the market, you can follow the home remedies mentioned above to manage your oily skin.

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