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Parineeti Chopra Weight Loss Secret: Her Journey From Fat To Fit

Written By Latika Gupta

Parineeti Chopra Weight Loss

From being criticized for her bulky frame to transforming into a living example of fitness, Parineeti Chopra's journey from being fat to fit has been a really challenging one.

Despite being an exceptionally good actress, Parineeti often received flak for being on the heavier side of weighing scale, but she shunned all her critics by not only losing weight but also being one of the hottest and sexiest b-town actors in the country. 

While losing weight like a celebrity seems like a lot of effort, in the case of Parineeti things are not that complicated. The stuck to conventional weight loss techniques and doesn’t  sweat it out in gym 24X7 to get back in sizzling shape. 

Here is a snapshot of her weight loss workout regimen.

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Parineeti Weight Loss Workout 

Time and again Parineeti has admitted that she is not at all a gym enthusiast and never loved lifting weights or jogging on the treadmill. Instead, she says, weight loss is nothing but a mind game and you need to be very much focused towards your goal.

Instead of spending time in the gym, she rather focused on other forms of intense physical workouts like jogging, running, dancing, swimming, horse riding, yoga etc. She summarizes her typical workout routine as:

  •   Starting the day with jogging
  •   Meditation
  •   Doing yoga for an hour
  •   Involving into activities that she likes, such as swimming and horse riding
  •   Running on treadmill
  •   Using some deadly dance moves to kill those extra calories along with improving her dance skills
  •   Cardio and regular exercise

With her arduous workout and dedication she managed to get out of all the negative limelight she was receiving because of her weight. In an interview she way quoted saying, “I used to be 86 kilos; I used to wear size 38. Right now, fitting into jeans of size 30 is a big achievement.” She also refrained herself from using any kind of supplements for weight loss and stuck to natural methods only. 

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Parineeti Chopra Weight Loss Diet

As far her diet is concerned, she kept it really simple and being a foodie herself it was a tough task for her to stay away from her favorite delicacies. Thus, in order to have the pleasure of both the worlds, she decided to start counting her calories, which means if for one meal she is indulging in a wholesome treat, she ensures that her next meal will be very much balanced in light so that she can compensate her calorie intake. Her regular weight loss meal plan looks something like this:

  • Breakfast – Brown bread with butter, sugar-free milk, two egg whites etc.
  • Lunch – Brown rice, dal, roti, green veggies etc.
  • Dinner – Low fat foods cooked in little oil, sugar-free milk, chocolate shake etc.

She made sure that her dinner nothing less than 2 hours before her bedtime to ensure proper digestion. She also added a myriad of nutrient dense foods in her diet and drank a lot of water throughout the day to keep her body very well hydrated. 

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Weight Loss Tips From Parineeti Chopra For Fans

Nobody likes to be overweight, but getting rid of those extra pounds can be really very exhausting for many in terms of both physically and financially. If you also wish to drop some kilos but cannot afford to hire a personal trainer or nutrition expert then try following these simple weight loss tips from Parineeti Chopra to embrace the change.

Make Use Of Available Inventory: Gym membership can be an expensive affair, so why not make optimum use of things available at your home. Go for bicycle riding, rope skipping, climbing trees, flipping old tires, pulling chains, stair climbing etc. as these  things help exceptionally in getting in shape. Keep your mind resolved and give way to your creative ideas while taking up your choice of activity. 

Go For Watery Foods: Low carb foods are a key to any weight loss add to this watery food like cucumber, asparagus, spinach etc. and you will notice that you stay full for a longer period. Also, these foods are a great source of macronutrients and required by the body and these antioxidant rich foods also help in keeping your body hydrated. 

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone: Staying in your comfort zone can never yield results you are expecting. Come out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself every day for sweaty workout sessions, instead of holding yourself back in your self-made comfort zone. 

Her self-motivation and a strong desire to flaunt her youthful figure helped in achieving what she aimed for and nobody is complaining about the results she has shown.

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