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The 72 kgs Weight Loss Transformation Story of Naynesh Chainani

Written By Saurabh Monga

The 72 kgs Weight Loss Transformation Story of Naynesh Chainani

The weight loss transformation story of Naynesh is no ordinary one. 72 kgs weight loss coupled with great muscle building, sculpts this fitness transformation as one to watch out for all.

Let’s hear out from Naynesh himself on how he managed a 72 kgs weight loss and redefined his entire lifestyle on the path of fitness.

“I lost 72 kgs in 24 months via strong willpower and consistent efforts. And if I can do it so can anyone else. Just take the initiative to begin your journey and keep yourself motivated to be consistent with your efforts; you will surely see the results one day.” ~ Naynesh Chainani

Eating habits and lifestyle before fat loss transformation

Packing extra pounds has been there since childhood. My staple & typical Sindhi (Hindu) diet consisted of home cooked meals containing lots of oil, cheese, butter, ghee, sugar etc. And in addition to this my sedentary lifestyle made things worse for me. I ate a lot of junk food 3 times a day. This food was generally packed with a high amount of calories. 

Motivation to lose fat and transform

My journey of being overweight, then weight loss and then again weight gain with a final weight loss has been no less than a bumpy ride to achieve my ultimate fitness goals. 

Fist in 2006 – I weighed 238 lbs and I started gymming. I worked hard for 16 months and lost weight to come down to 183 lbs. But this was not the turning point of my weight loss transformation. Instead of losing more weight I started losing attention towards my diet. The result was as expected – I gained weight again. And this time it was more than what it was earlier – 280 lbs. This was very disappointing for me and I was almost ashamed of the way I looked. My phases in and out of gym were quite bumpy. Sometimes due to a careless attitude towards diet and sometimes due to personal problems in life, I was not paying consistent attention towards my diet and workout. And the result this time was pretty devastating. 

5 Years later in 2014 – Now my weight was a whopping 300 lbs. This was one of the most difficult phases of life when It was not only I who was unhappy with the way I looked, even my family was no less than ashamed of the way I looked. It was like being in a state of a total outcast when I was just cut-off from the society. 

Naynesh Chainani – Before Transformation


At this difficult juncture of life, I had 2 choices I could make – One that I should continue looking like this and not do anything about it. Or, second that I should strengthen my willpower, work hard and change the way things were. I decided to choose the latter. The path was difficult but I was determined and had a hawk’s focus on my fitness transformation. And now when I started my ultimate transformation journey, there was no looking back. 

Eating habits and lifestyle during transformation

It began with avoiding anything with a lot of cheese, oil/butter, and sugar. But this time I didn’t rush things as I wanted a consistent pace of transformation and fitness that lasts for a long period of time. I also started going for small walks for at least 5 to 6 days a week. 

Diet – Weight Loss and Muscle Building

  1. Avoiding junk food, to begin with.
  2. Breaking down my meal portion to  7-8 meals per day. This helped me in fat burning via increased metabolism.
  3. Avoiding meals 2 hours before bedtime and consuming all high-calorie foods in the morning 
  4. Consuming carb-rich foods and good-fat foods before workout
  5. Consuming protein-rich foods and fiber-rich foods post workout
  6. Sunday were the cheat days for fulfilling my cravings but still keeping me focussed on my disciplined diet from Monday to Saturday

I did not have a fixed diet plan and changed it as per the need of the hour. However, I was pretty disciplined with the same. So, even after enjoying my favorite cheat Sunday, I ensured that my Mondays and Tuesdays consisted of consuming fruits like apples, watermelon, pomegranate, papaya and oranges the entire day. 

This was followed by a protein shake post workout drink plus a fiber-rich salad containing veggies with boiled legumes and cottage cheese as a post-workout meal.

Nainesh Chainani – After Transformation


These are basically the main macros around which I built my diet.

Initially, my goal was to be in calorie deficit mode at all time as I wanted my body to target the stored fat as a source of energy as and when needed. However later, I wasn’t really trying to stay in calorie deficit mode but was trying to burn some extra calories than I was consuming. Burning my last 40 lbs of stubborn fat was achieved via a combination of both burning extra calories along with consuming the right food which kept me energized to continue my workout while keeping me in my calorie deficit mode.

Supplement Intake and Timings

Supplements Time
Fat burner  1 cap in morning running session- 1 cap pre-workout gym session
Whey Protein Isolate Post-Gym Workout
Multivitamins Lunch & Dinner
Fish Oil Lunch & Dinner
L- Carnitine  Pre-workout Meal


Exercise and Workout Routine

  1. 40 minutes of walk 5 days a week. Keep on adding 5 to 10 minutes every 1 to 2 weeks. Rest on Sunday.
  2. After developing stamina from walking consistently after 2.5 months, I started my gym training.
  3. Gym beginning – 1/2 hour Cardio + 1/2 hour Circuit Training
  4. After few months – 30 minutes Cardio + 1 hour Circuit Training + 30 minutes Cardio 
  5. I increased intensity and weights in Circuit Training once my body was used to the routine.
  6. In the final few months of my transformation – 30 minutes of Cardio + 2 hours Circuit Training + 30 minutes Cardio along with my morning running sessions.


While doing this consistently and with strong discipline, I noticed that I had started losing weight. This was a good sign but I knew I had to train harder now because once your body comes to a standard weight after losing initial pounds, you need to push the scale hard. And while doing this you must remember that it’s the fat loss that you should achieve and not muscle loss. Thus, I began running sessions in the morning so that I could burn fat and convert it into energy for my morning cardio sessions. Also, because I was on a disciplined diet, I ensured a stubborn fat loss rather than muscle loss. All of this helped me gain good body strength, increase my stamina and ultimately motivated me immensely to achieve my ultimate fitness goals.

After this until this day, there’s no looking back. Some people choose the surgical way out for weight loss but I chose the way of hard work, discipline, and pure dedication. One thing that I have learned from my transformation journey is that  “There are no shortcuts to achieve a fit physique and keep it that way for a long duration. Hard work is your ultimate key to a successful transformation”.

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