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The Healthy Way Of Gaining Weight

Written By Jyoti Jaswal

While on one end of the spectrum, we have obesity, the other end has malnutrition. If you are looking for the best ways to gain weight, you must do it the right way. It is easy enough to keep munching on junk food and sugary beverages to gain a few kilos here and there, but it will wreck your body’s functioning at the same time. 

Your primary goal here is to achieve a healthy mix of fat and muscle mass instead of just unhealthy fats. Instead of deciding to eat without oversight, you must develop eating for health as a habit to lead a healthy lifestyle. 

Here are a few healthy ways of gaining weight.

Balance Your Caloric Intake

One of the essential things to do while trying to gain weight is to consume more food to create a caloric surplus in your body. In other words, you will be giving your body more calories than it needs. An excellent way to start would be to supplement your daily nutritional intake with an additional 300-500 calories to gain weight over some time slowly. 

Now keep in mind that the additional calories you substitute yourself with come from healthy and whole sources. Instead of consuming processed foods such as cheese and sugars, which are high in fats, try consuming healthy diet foods that fill the nutritional gap that your body experiences. 

Get More Protein

One of the essential nutrients that are required for gaining weight is protein. The muscles in our body are primarily constituted of protein, and the lack of protein in the diet for health that you’re consuming can lead to a reduced chance of developing muscle mass. Instead, all your nutritional intake will be directed towards generating body fat.

Prolonged and regular protein consumption has been proven to cause a significant improvement in the body’s muscle mass. At the same time, excess protein consumption can also hinder your goal of gaining weight as it tends to reduce your appetite. 

Get In The Gym

Trying to gain weight can cause you to consume many excess calories, most of which end up getting converted into fat cells instead of healthy muscles. It would be best if you hit the gym to prevent this from happening. Simple things like engaging in cardio and lifting weights at least two to four times a week can prevent the accumulation of fat in your body and help you develop a healthy muscle mass

If you are new to physical activity or out of shape, it is a good idea to consider employing a gym coach or a trainer who can help you get through the initial stages of the process. At the same time, you must plan your workouts to not burn up too much of your body’s caloric reserves to gain some healthy weight.

Make Changes To Your Consumption Pattern

After proteins, carbohydrates are your best friends for when you are trying to gain weight. Foods that are high in carbs can help fuel your body for engaging in physical activity and regulate your energy levels for the day. At the same time, they also help you gain some mass and look fuller. It is also vital that you remember to split your nutritional intake across six different meals a day. Your body must keep getting a steady supply of nutrients so that it does not enter fasting mode.

Another routine to follow is that you make sure to consume single ingredient whole foods. However, the problem remains that whole foods such as healthy fruits and vegetables have a tendency to fill you up, which makes it difficult for you to hit your caloric targets. A simple solution for this is to use many spices, condiments, and sauces that can help enhance the flavor profile of your food. 
The more tasty your food is, the more likely are you to eat it. If you are consuming fruits to gain weight, make sure that you consume bananas or similar fruits which do not require a lot of chewing. Foods like these can fill you almost instantly, but you must make yourself eat them instead of switching to unhealthy choices.

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