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Even The Pandemic Couldn’t Stop Chaitanya From Reaching His Goals!

17/20 85kg > 66kg 30% > 13%

Why did you decide to transform?

In school I was always bullied by my classmates about being fat, And I used to play volleyball but lost opportunities to play at front foot because I was fat. Obesity was always a problem. Just after completing my Class XIIth I felt it was high time and I decided to transform myself. Being a sportsman myself, it makes me realize that being fit is necessary.

How did you accomplish your goals?

At first I started seeing many youtube videos and motivated myself. Then I joined a gym and started working out. I did everything according to my trainer and left my unhealthy lifestyle behind. My aim was to be Specific, Measurable, Attainable and Time Limited. I maintained a proper diet and did intermediate fasting and made sure I got enough sleep. 

Training routine that helped you achieve your goals ?

I started my fitness journey as a 85kg weighed fat kid from july 2018. I decided to get myself determined in this fat to fit journey. It took me 4 months to lose 20kgs as my initial fat loss. But then in November 2018 my trainer made me lose weight but also gain some muscles too. My coach encouraged me to continue doing HIIT one or two times per week.

In January 2019 I got a lean figure with just a little amount of belly fat, but with a strong back and biceps. 

Working out so frequently made me feel like I was burning tons of calories, and then I’d end up overeating thanks to the appetite I’d worked up. While this isn’t the case for everyone, anecdotally, many people find that cardio workouts increase hunger, which can make it harder to stick to nutrition goals-and that was definitely my experience.

I had to take a break from the gym for 2 months but didn’t lose myself, got myself back on track in April 2019 and started my physique training into the gaining period. 

Everything went well until March 2020, I was in my gaining phase, gained fat too but due to the pandemic couldn’t go to the gym.

Initially I was demotivated because of what was happening around and gained a few kgs, and became fat too but I didn’t give up then in June 2020 I bought dumbbells, created a home gym for myself. Worked out hard, lost 7 kgs and took required supplements to support my fitness routine.

I decided to shred my body and took a 30 days challenge in August 2020, got a lean body with abs. I used to weigh 56kgs at that time.

Now I am consistent with my workout, I’ve rejoined the gym, I’m happy that I saw my body growing and get my physique trained in every phase. As of now, I am working for Lean Muscle Mass.

Which supplements did you take? 

I didn’t take any dietary supplements while I was on fat loss. But when I started gaining in (September 2019) I started taking Truebasics Multivitamin (for 4 months) Then in (August 2020) when I was shredding (cutting) since then I am taking Healthkart Multivitamin, Seacod Fish Liver oil, MusclePharm BCAA, Wildbuck EAA, Nutrabay Protein, Muscleblaze L-carnitine.

What Challenges did you face during your transformation?

Being a college student, time management was a big issue, there was a lot of exam stress, cravings, mood swings, minor injuries and last but not the least the pandemic led to closure of the gym.  

Suggestion for future transformers?

Being fit is necessary, it energizes you and makes your personality really good. 

Tips for body transformers:

Do not Skip meals

Be determined 

Focus on hydration

Master your portion

Learn the mind and muscle connection so that the exercises hits that particular muscle

Take proper care of Nutrition 

Diet should be as important as working out, diet plays a very important role while you workout

Control your Cravings 

Avoid liquor 

Maximize the quality of sleep 

Exercise effectively and efficiently 

Mention your weight, age, body fat % before and after your transformation?

I was 17 years old and my weight was 85 kgs with body fat 30% and now I am 20 years old with weight 66 kgs with body fat 13%.

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    Abhinav Pandey
    Being his friend and brother , I've seen him work harder than ever for his body.!! It takes lots of guts for the same and I'm proud of him 🤟
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    Wow, what a great transformation 👏👏
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