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Gaurav Shares His Life-altering Fitness Journey!

37/38 112kg > 80kg 35% > 18%

Why did you decide to transform?

The journey of my fitness started from a very unexpected and tragic incident, which happened two year’s back when I lost a very dear friend of mine due to various health problems. Due to excessive obesity, he was diagnosed with numerous health problems like increased blood pressure, asthma and depression. This incident shocked me as I was overweight too. I, too, felt tired while walking and while doing any work, felt as if I am always like carrying extra weight of another person on my shoulders all the time. I stood in front of the mirror and promised myself that I would take care of myself. I had liabilities on my shoulder as I am married too. I had a friend who was already into fitness and had been working out for the past few years so I consulted him. It wasn’t easy for me to lose weight as I stood at 5’11’ and I weighed around 112 kg and I knew I was nearly 30 to 35 kgs overweight at the age of 36. Most embarrassing part was when people of my age would be more active and surpass me in the daily routine and above everything, even kids started calling me Mr. Motu. Moreover, my own child called me motu papa and I promised myself that this was enough and I am not going to live like this. My friend helped me a lot. If I can be positive and regular for the first 3 to 4 months then I can achieve my goal without any problem.

How did you accomplish your goals?

I started walking twice a day in mornings and evenings and after a few days, I moved towards jogging and some light aerobics. After 2 months I saw some changes and this was nothing less than winning Mr. Olympia for me. I was able to wear a few old clothes which had stopped fitting me. 

Training routine that helped you achieve your goals?

My friend asked me to join the gym as ground running and aerobics had a limit and I needed proper weight training. The decision of gyming was welcomed by my family and even my kid was appreciating me as in his friend circle I was the only one who was gyming and none of his friends’ father was into it.

Which supplements did you take?

When gyming started the biggest challenge was right supplements and from where to buy them. The friend who introduced me to the world of exercise suggested that I buy products from HealthKart, as they sell authentic products and that too with proper billing and all the products come with hologram packaging. To be honest this field of exercise requires a lot of dedication and motivation and after a while you get aware what to eat and drink and what not to.

What challenges did you face during your transformation?

I was a heavy alcoholic which was the main reason for my overweight condition. Since alcohol comes with all kinds of bad cholesterol and health hazards, but thanks to my dedication and decision to workout I have stopped consuming alcohol.

Mention your weight, age before and after your transformation.

Today I can proudly say my 2 years journey of workout has brought me from 112 kgs to 80 kgs. I feel I am 10 years younger and more energetic. Today I am training to be a crossfit athlete and very much interested in playing crossfit games. 

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