Transformation 2 MIN READ Aug 13, 2021

Kanishka Ended Her Toxic Relationship With Junk Food

21/22 83kg > 52kg 46% > 28%

Why did you decide to transform?

I had gained around 20kgs rapidly during a low and depressed phase of my life. I would keep eating outside at restaurants, junk food & lots of soft drinks! I fell into a toxic cycle of eating because I was sad & getting sad because of eating so much junk.

How did you accomplish your goals?

One day, I decided to start saving cash & calories by not eating outside food. I started with Intermittent Fasting & would only eat the food that was made at home. I believed that a normal Indian meal has the perfect balance of proteins, carbs, fibers & fats! 

Training routine that helped you achieve your goals?

One of the things, that I could not get motivated enough to work out. I had lost more than 30kgs without working out which was fine until I realized the amount of loose skin I had hanging everywhere!

Which supplements did you take?

I did not take any supplements. 

What challenges did you face during your transformation?

I realized in the beginning that losing weight is quite rapid & then after some time, it becomes stagnant. Because of that, my entire weight loss journey took around 1-2 years. Curbing midnight cravings was definitely one of my biggest challenges as I had a carton of snacks kept in my room for midnight munchies, back when I was overweight!

Suggestions for future transformers.

  • Try not to indulge in sweets & outside food!
  • For Indians, the Indian diet works best-  only eat what’s made at home!
  • One bite of dessert (eg. cheesecake) will make you equally as happy as eating the whole thing, so why waste calories?
  • Don’t give up when your journey even if it is not going according to your plan.

Mention your weight, age, body fat % before and after your transformation.

I was 21 years old and I used to weigh 83kgs with a body fat of 46% and now I am 23 years old and weigh 52kgs with body fat 28%.

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