Transformation 1 MIN READ Feb 4, 2021

Keep-fit-fanatic Akash Achieved His Fitness Goals!

24/28 75kg > 64kg 24% > 14%

Why did you decide to transform?

From the beginning I loved fitness. Gradually I started to prepare myself for how to look attractive, so I decided to transform myself and achieve a good physique.

How did you accomplish your goals?

While preparing myself, I realized that it is not so comfortable and easy to gain something than it is to lose something. The key factor in fitness is proper diet and proper exercise and rest too..So I tried to give my best shot.

Trainer routine that helped you achieve your goals?

5 day a week, 1 time a day. I kept 1 day off for rest in between the 3 days of workout.

Which supplement did you take?

Multivitamins, Fish oil, Pre-workout supplements, Whey Protein.

What challenges did you face during your transformation?

There were many challenges. The biggest one was strictly following the diet and maintaining yourself.

Suggestion for future transformers?

Look at yourself in the mirror and talk to yourself. Set up A FITNESS GOAL.. Make yourself a better version than the previous one and don’t stop until you achieve it. And always think positive all time.

Mention your weight age before and after your transformation?

I was 23 yrs when I started and my weight was 75 kgs. Now I’m 29 yrs and I weigh 63 kgs

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