Transformation 2 MIN READ May 21, 2024

Rishab’s Road to Resilience: Strength and Consistency

18/22 54kg > 74kg 18% > 14%

1. Why did you decide to transform?

I had mostly been a skinny kid and was really underweight. My friends and relatives always used to say that I look so weak. So, I decided to join the gym and start working out. Initially, my aim was to gain weight but as time passed by, I fell in love with the process and decided to transform my physique completely.

2. How did you accomplish your goals?

Primarily, discipline helped me achieve my goals. A blend of consistent efforts for two years with a strict diet, regular workouts, and proper rest enabled me to push my limits and achieve my goals. 

3. Training routine that helped you achieve your goals?

I switch workout splits after every 3-4 months. Workout 5-6 times a week, focusing on progressive overload, and training close to failure is my daily dose.

4. Which supplements did you take?

I take whey protein, creatine, and sometimes pre-workout to feel the pump in my body for an effective workout.

5. What challenges did you face during your transformation?

During my bulking phase, the major challenge I faced was eating so many calories.  I have been skinny all my life, and getting my body used to eating so much food was the most challenging part. I had to force myself to eat on a lot of days, but at the end, I had to get used to it.

6. Suggestion for future transformers.

Stay patient. Stick to the process and fall in love with the journey. Understand that changes take time, and you will reach your goal eventually. Just don’t give up and keep on working hard.

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