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Weight Loss Transformation – The Inspiring Story Of Camelia Das

Written By Saurabh Monga

3 Years of dedication and 33 kgs of weight loss transformation is what makes Camelia Das an epitome of inspiration and a true fitness role model.

Make no mistake, this journey of this weight loss transformation wasn’t an easy one. There were numerous hurdles at every point along with a time during which nothing seemed to be working out. But Camelia didn’t leave any stone unturned and came out like a true champion with amazing fitness results.

Here’s a tour of Camelia’s transformation Journey in her own words.


1. What was your motivation to lose weight that inspired you to transform?
I have been obese during all my teenage years. I was deeply involved in my academics and didn’t take part in any physical activity at all whatsoever. Plus I was consuming all the junk food in the world. I tried joining a gym, take up some form of activity later in my high school, but could never succeed and continue. 
During my college days, I was taunted real bad for my weight. I took it up as a challenge and started working out for weight loss at home every day for a year. I lost 10 kg and that motivated me to continue and join a gym.
2. Any medical health condition that you overcame?
Due to my excess weight, I was diagnosed with PCOD. Doctors told me to lose weight to cure the same. 
3. What were your eating habits and lifestyle before weight loss?
I had a very unhealthy lifestyle during all my teenage years. I used to be very focused on my academics only. Hence, I seldom took part in any physical activity. I ate all the junk and unhealthy food possible on earth on a daily basis. Before I could realize what I was doing to myself, I had become obese. It was a very tough decision to leave this lifestyle behind and start a whole new journey together.
4. What was your Diet for weight loss (including supplements)?
For the beginning, I just cut off from eating outside food. I tried to avoid junk as much as possible. The second step was to reduce my sugar intake. Later when I started studying about the fitness process, I underwent a high protein, low carb diet, where I would eat only oats and brown rice during daytime as carbs. After 7 pm I would eat only veggies and chicken and eggs. I did not use any supplement as such. I do take fish oil and multivitamin capsules regularly though.

    HealthKart Fish Oil

Time Diet
Early Morning Green Tea
Breakfast Oats and 5 Almonds
Lunch Brown rice, Veggies, and Chicken
Evening 2 Eggs
Dinner Chicken Soup and 2 Egg Whites


5. What was your Exercise Routine for weight loss?
For first one year, I worked out at home. My initial weight loss transformation goal was to workout for 30 minutes for 5 days a week, consistently for 3 months. I did not miss a day. It would be freehand exercises and Zumba. I lost my first 10 kgs at home. Once I started seeing results, I got the confidence and joined a gym. But I never had a personal trainer. I would do mistakes and do research on the internet to learn. 
6. What was your weight before transformation and after that?
 When I started, my weight was around 90 kilos in 2013. I had reduced weight by 33 kg and weighed 57 kilos in 2016. But again gained weight and weighed 70 kg in 2017. Right now I weigh 63 kg as I have again been able to knock off the extra pounds. The transformation process is a continuous one.
7. Were there any roadblocks in achieving the desired results?
 Yes! there were many. To keep the focus intact is the biggest challenge, especially for somebody who loved eating junk food so much and who had never exercised in life. There were many days when I felt like giving up. I used to do mistakes in my workout forms and get disappointed. 
There was a time when I had hit a plateau. My weight wasn’t going down after a certain number for 6 months. I tried everything I could. I cried every day that my hard work wasn’t fetching results. I wanted to give up. But I somehow managed to patiently work harder. And I succeeded. 
8. What advice you would like to give to others aspiring to lose weight / get fit
It is easy to get fit or lose weight once you determine that you want it badly. The body achieves what the mind wants it to. So, don’t give up, no matter how long it takes. Trust the process and give it time. Just be consistent and it will show the result you can’t even think of. My life changed drastically. Yours can too.
9. Anything else that you might want to add?
I am still a learner and I am just like a drop of water in the ocean. There is so much to learn and achieve. Once you fall in love with the process of fitness, it won’t seem like a punishment anymore. So guys go ahead. We all deserve a beautiful and healthy life. Make the most out of it. 
There are many examples around you, just like Camelia, who have transformed their life by adopting a fit lifestyle with healthy eating habits. In the end, it’s not just about weight loss transformation or a fitter body, it’s about the life-changing experience that makes all the difference.

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