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What are the first signs of arthritis in fingers?


Arthritis mainly involves pain and stiffness. Here are some other signs of arthritis in the fingers: –

  • Pain – The pain in arthritis in its early stage can be dull or mild but a burning one. This pain often gets worse after activities.
  • Swelling – Joints may swell and in the worst scenarios the patients cannot move the fingers.
  • Stiffness – People face difficulties in moving their fingers freely and that in turn obstructs people to hold objects properly.
  • Warm – The fingers may appear to be warmer than the rest of the body due to swelling.
  • Numbness – Particularly, in the 1st, 2nd, and part of the 3rd finger may experience numbness and tingling. 
  • Cold fingers – In some people discoloration of the fingers may occur leading to extreme sensitivity to cold temperatures.
  • Bumps – In some types of arthritis, bumps may form on fingers. 
  • Rashes – In some kinds of arthritis, there can be rashes around fingers. These rashes may be flaky, scaly, and swell up later.
  • Weakness – There can be a weakness felt all through. Some may face difficulties in opening a simple jar or gripping any object.
  • Nail – In some people, the nails may become thicker and in most cases, the nails separate from the nail bed.
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