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Why You Are Not Losing Weight In Winters?

Written By Latika Gupta

Apart from being lazy and gorging on delicious winter foods, what else is there that is not allowing you to lose weight in winters? We tried to find it out!

Winter and weight gain are often seen as best of friends because even the fittest of all manage to gain some weight during the cold winter season. We have become so used to it that now we think weight gain in winter is inevitable, even if we have been following a weight loss regimen for past some time.

We often blame oil laden and sugary delicacies for weight gain during winters. But is that actually the only reason? Is there anything on your part that is not allowing you to lose weight during the winter season? Well certainly there is, but we are too adamant to accept it. To begin with, harsh and cold days makes it difficult for us to go outdoors and stay glued to your television sets, which means almost no physical activity.

Also, we find declining a party invitation in winters much easier than working out on a treadmill.

So, apart from being lazy and gorging on delicious winter foods, what else is there that is not allowing you to lose weight in winters? We tried to find it out:

You have started skipping your workout: Why on earth you want to skip your workout for a party or cold windy morning? Instead, just shorten the session. If you cannot go to the gym, try workouts you can do at home to keep the ball rolling.

You are using colder weather as an excuse to be lazy: Agreed that it’s cold outside and you cannot spend long hours outside performing outdoor activities like your favorite sport. But, how about starting a new hobby of some indoor activity like martial arts, yoga or indoor rock wall climbing. There are a lot of new and evolving indoor fitness trends that you can look up.

You are not taking enough protein: Avoiding protein will not do any wonders in winters, instead, make it a point to add as much protein in your diet as you can. Protein helps you stay full for longer and also stabilizes your blood sugar levels.

You are skipping water: Our tendency to drink less water during the winter season leaves us dehydrated. Do not confuse dehydration with hunger and keep a glass of water or a cup of hot green tea handy during winters. Drinking water can not only curb snacking but will also give a boost to your energy.

Making carbs your enemy: We are not asking you to bid adieu to carbs, you certainly can eat bread and pasta but in moderation. Keep factors like time, quality and quantity in consideration. Carbs coming vegetables and dairy products should make the most of your diet as they are rich in protein too. If you want to have pasta, bread, and rice, then keep them for your post workout meal.

You are skipping meals: Do not even think of starving yourself to lose weight or compensate your previous day’s calorie-laden meal. If you have overeaten one day then eat in moderation the next day, but do not skip the meal altogether. Not eating at all makes you feel bloated. Drink healthy and warm soups for weight loss or enjoy salads, minus dressings, to keep your appetite full without loading on calories.

If you are doing any of these things then you are probably never going to lose weight in winters. So change your habits and see how you can avoid piling up those extra kilos during colder months.

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