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10 Best Weight Loss Tips

10 Best Weight Loss Tips

Weight loss isn’t an easy monster to tackle. How to reduce weight and diet for weight loss are some of the most common questions asked but behind all the new drama and supplements, weight loss is about one simple principle: calories in vs calories out. How many calories do I need to lose weight? Here’s our top 10 tips to get your weight loss on track!

Tips for loosing weight

1. Say bye-bye to Sugar

Everytime I hear someone complain about fat loss, it’s because they think they’re eating healthy. But everyone knows getting junk out of your diet is obvious amongst the tips for losing weight. Sugar on the other hand, is the enemy here. This not only means all junk food but also means no sugar in your coffee, tea, no fizzy drinks. Limit the sugar usage to natural sources like honey and fruits. A simple rule to live by is that you can see added sugar in the nutritional chart, don’t eat it and you’re well on your way to a weight loss diet.

2. Start weight training

Another obvious one. Your body needs stimulation in order for it to shed away the calories and/or build muscle. Weight training actually has the dual benefit of not only putting on muscle mass for men and toning up for women, but also aid’s in fat loss because theoretically the more muscle mass you have, the less fat your body holds onto. Weight training, specifically High Intensity training and can be done anywhere. How to lose weight at home? Just do some Hight intesity workouts!

3. Remove white flour from your diet

White flour. The other white menace to your diet and removal of this means saying goodbye to our dearly loved Roti’s. YES! Roti’s, Pasta, Bread, Cookies, Fried food, all contain white flour and it is useless food to have, nutrient wise. White flour is nutrionally weak and contains empty calories so cutting this will finally answer your question of how to burn belly fat and this combined with cutting sugar from your diet will be the best ways to lose weight.

Weight Loss Program

4. Use different variations of cardio

Cardio though extremely monotonous is amongst the useful weight loss tips. The key however is to understand what kind of cardio you should do at what time. Low Intensity Steady State (LISS) Cardio is when you walk briskly and this is a type of cardio you should be doing after your weight training. I would recommend you do 25-30mins of LISS cardio after your workouts or in the mornings on an empty stomach.

H.I.I.T or high intensity cardio on the other hand is cardio that is performed at high intensities for a short duration of time which includes jump rope, sprinting, and tabata training. This kind of training is tough and with the help of a fat burner can literally melt fat off you. Do this on your non-training days for an interval of 3mins on and 5 mins off, or customize to your liking, thus creating your very own personalized weight loss program.

5. Increase your protein intake by 15-20%

Protein rich foods will calm your appetite for a longer time as opposed to fast digesting carbohydrates, but will also induce a greater thermogenic effect. Simply put, your body will burn about 20% of calories that you eat, simply by burning protein calories in your diet. So next time don’t hesitate to down that protein supplement after your strenous workout!

How to reduce weight

6. Get proper sleep

Sleeping less is a precursor to detering your insulin sensitivity which means lack of sleep will increase insulin. Sadly, insulin is also a fat storing hormone which means you’ll have lousy carbohydrate cravings and equally useless workouts. Another disadvantage of not getting enough sleep is that this increases stress i.e. cortisol, the stress hormone will increase the tendency to overeat. So sleep soundly and forget the question of how to reduce weight.

7. Don’t overeat or undereat

Portion control is everything while losing weight. Using the concept of calories in vs calories out, you can even lose weight by only eating pizza, not that I am recommending this, but limit your portions to one plate and if you’re counting calories then you are already sorted on this forefront. Trust me guys, make the food scale your best friend.

8. Increase your water intake

Water is a natural weight loss supplement if you are strategic about its use. Drinking one glass before your meal ensures that your metabolism runs at top speed and also technically makes you fuller so you’ll eat less.

Weight Loss Meals

9. Plan out your meals

Let me be frank here. Meal timing has been disapproved multiple times but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan out your meals. Food To have an active metabolism and furthermore to induce thermogenesis in your body, you should aim to have 6-8 small meals throughout the day within a 3 hour period. For those who are advanced lifters, try out intermittent fasting as a technique to increase your weight loss. Bodybuilders know the importance of planning out weekly meals of the staple chicken breast and sweet potato so plan in advance so you don’t crash in the middle.

10. Cheat on your diet!

Wait. What? You read it right guys. Cheating on your diet actually will help your weight loss if it’s done in a controlled and systematic way. In your personalized weight loss journey you must understand that the hormone leptin levels decrease faster for those who are on a low carb diet and thus leads to inactive metabolism. So every week plan out one high carb day to kick your leptin levels up, and confuse your body. You will then realise that after the high carb day, you will actually end up losing weight.

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