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10 Tea Tree Oil Benefits You Must Know About

10 Tea Tree Oil Benefits You Must Know About

Tea Tree Oil benefits are no news for the beauty and health industry. From face washes to hair products, tea tree oil benefits and uses are numerous. Curious to know more about it’s goodness? Lets explore!

Tea tree oil has become a rage in the beauty industry. It is a powerhouse of antioxidants and is used in various forms. Go to a beauty store and you’ll find face washes, toner, shampoos, and even hair oils enriched with the goodness of tea tree oil It is essential to choose the best tea tree oil to see maximum results. 

What Is Tea Tree Oil? 
Tea tree oil, also known as Melaleuca is an essential oil which is derived from the leaves of the tea tree. Tea tree is native to Queensland and Australia. Tea tree oil is a popular essential oil and has many uses. It is most commonly used for skin care and home remedies. It is known for its powerful antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties. It is toxic when taken by mouth, but it can be easily used in skincare products. 
One can use tea tree oil in treating various dermatologic conditions like dandruff, acne, lice, and various skin infections. Tea tree essential oil can be used for various home remedies

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10 Tea Tree Oil Benefits

There are numerous benefits of tea tree oil. Read on to find 10 tea tree oil benefits you must know about. 

1. For Skin 
One of the most popular tea tree oil uses is to treat acne. If you have been battling acne and are looking for a home remedy, then tea tree oil for acne can be your savior. 
Wondering how to use tea tree oil for skin?
You can buy facial cleansers infused with tea tree oil or use tea tree oil directly as a spot treatment. Make sure you consult a dermatologist before starting to use tea tree oil for your face. Dilute a few drops of tea tree essential oil with 20 – 30 drops of witch hazel and apply it with a cotton swab twice a day. 
The important thing to note is that not to overdo the usage. Using excess tea tree oil for your face will do more harm than benefit. It can dry out your skin, strip the moisture, and trigger overproduction of oil which would worsen your acne. 

You can easily buy a tea oil face wash and use it to treat acne. Or you can use one of the following tea tree oil face packs for glowing skin. 

  • Tea Tree Oil and Oatmeal Face pack 
  1. Mix 1 tbsp uncooked oatmeal + 1tsp aloe vera gel + few drops of tea tree oil to form a smooth paste.
  2. Apply it on your face and let it dry for 20 minutes.
  3. Wipe it off with a wet cotton pad.
  4. Use it twice a week for best results. 
  • Tea Tree Oil and Tomato Face Pack 

Tomato is a powerful de-tanning ingredient, and when combined with tea tree oil, it becomes a highly beneficial face pack. Tea tree oil will help soothe sunburn.

  1. Put 1 tomato in a blender
  2. Add 1 tbsp jojoba oil and 4 drops tea tree oil to form a smooth mixture.
  3. Apply this paste all over your face and leave it for 10.
  4. Rinse it with lukewarm water.
  5. Use it once a week to ban the tan this summer. 
  • Tea Tree and Honey Face Pack 
  1. Mix 1 tbsp honey + 1 tbsp curd + tea tree oil (2-3 drops) to form a smooth paste.
  2. Apply all over your face and let it sit for 20 minutes.
  3. Wash it off with lukewarm water.
  4. Use this face pack to fight acne and keep your skin moisturized.


2. For Hair

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Don’t we all dream of luscious long hair? Incorporating tea tree essential oil in your hair care regime will be greatly beneficial not only for your hair but also for a healthy scalp. It has the ability to soothe the dry flaky scalp, effectively removing dandruff, and treatment of lice. 


3. For Cuts And Infection
For mild wounds, cuts, and abrasions, tea tree essential oil mixed with lavender oil is an effective homemade wound ointment. 
Make sure to clean the wound or cut with water and hydrogen peroxide. After cleaning it, dab a few drops of tea tree oil and cover the wound with a bandage to avoid infections. 

4. For Ringworm and Toenail Fungal Infections 
Heat and humidity can lead to toenail fungal infections and ringworms. If not treated on time, the infection may worsen and cause pain. Applying undiluted tea tree oil on the affected area twice a day will be helpful. The strong anti-microbial properties help get rid of the infection. 
Tea tree oil is also beneficial in removing warts. All you have to do is dab a few drops of undiluted tea tree oil twice a day for 30 days on warts. 

5. For Removing Foot Odor 
If you are someone who always complaints of smelly feet, then tea tree oil is an easy solution to kick away foul foot odor
Here’s an easy DIY foot spa to keep your feet soft and banish the foul odor

  1. Mix 1 tbsp each of dried rosemary, sage, and dried powder ginger with water in a large saucepan.
  2. Bring this liquid to a boil.
  3. Remove from heat and let it cool.
  4. Add 1 tbsp each of Epsom salts, baking soda, and 10 drops tea tree oil, and mix well. 
  5. Pour this mix in a foot spa or a small tub and soak your feet for 15 minutes.
  6. Dry your feet and dust them with an antiseptic powder for better results. 

6. For Getting Rid of Molds 
Mold infestation is a common household problem. The unbearable moldy musty smell becomes a hassle to deal with. 
An easy way to get rid of mold is using tea tree oil in a diffuser. Just add a few drops of tea tree oil with water and burn a candle underneath it. It will kill the mold and the bad bacteria in your home leaving it smelling and feeling fresh and clean. 

7. For Relief From Psoriases

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The anti-inflammatory properties of tea tree oil make it effective in treating skin inflammations, eczema, and psoriasis. Mix a few drops of tea tree essential oil with olive oil and rub it onto your psoriasis patches. It would relieve itching and also soften plaques. 
To make a homemade eczema lotion you can mix 1 tsp coconut oil + 5 drops tea tree oil + 5 drops lavender oil. 
Using tea tree oil for eczema or psoriasis is just a support treatment. You should consult a dermatologist for proper medical treatment. 

8. Reduces Cold Sores 
Cold sores, which are also known as fever blisters are groups of small blisters around the lips and mouth. The skin around the blisters is red and swollen. There are chances that the blister may break causing fluid to leak. It may take several days or a couple of weeks for the blisters to completely heal. An easy way to get rid of cold sores is using tea tree oil. 
Applying tea tree essential oil directly on cold sores 3 – 4 times a day will help to eliminate them. Keep in mind that tea tree oil can be toxic when taken from the mouth, so avoid doing so. 

9. Relieves Athlete’s Foot 
Athlete’s Foot is a skin infection caused by fungus. It affects the sole of the feet and the skin in between toes. The common signs and symptoms of athlete’s foot include – itching, scaly rashes, redness. The infection can cause itching, burning, scaling, and pain. 
The infection is contagious and spreads easily. If not treated on time, it can spread to even your hands and body. Using tea tree essential oil is an effective remedy to relieve athlete’s foot. 
Mix a few drops of tea tree oil with 1 tbsp witch hazel and apply this solution on the affected area twice or thrice a day. In some cases, it might cause skin inflammation. If it does, do not use tea tree oil and consult a dermatologist. 

10. For Cleaning 
The strong anti-bacterial properties of tea tree essential oil make it a powerful household cleaner. It will eliminate the bad bacteria from your home, leaving your home fresh and clean.  Using a tea tree oil household cleaner is an affordable alternative to commercial household cleansers. 
To make an easy homemade cleanser

  1. Mix tea tree essential oil, vinegar, and lemon essential oil in water.
  2. Transfer this liquid to a spray bottle
  3. Use it to clean sink, kitchen appliances, countertops, and showers. 

You can easily buy Tea Tree Oil online and reap its wonderful benefits for skin, hair, and lots more. 

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