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4 ways To Maximize Your Gym Time

Written By Latika Gupta

4 ways To Maximize Your Gym Time

Do you think that you have been wasting a lot of time in gym in things other then exercising? If this feeling has started creeping in then we are here to help you out in 4 simple ways to maximize your gym time.

Gym and workout is nothing less than a daily ritual for fitness enthusiast, which they preach religiously no matter what. But there are times when people start feeling that they are actually making the most of their gym time and are rather wasting it in not so fruitful activities. 

If you have also started feeling the same and are guilty about wasting your hard earned money and equally precious time then go about the article to find out simple ways you can actually maximize your gym time. All it needs is some determination and efforts from your end. 

1.    Go With The Plan

Having a well defined plan to begin your gym session is the key to effective workout. Find out the areas you need to work and then get your workout plan either designed by your trainer or if you are pro in gym and training then workout your own gym plan as per your requirement. Make sure you include exercise for all the muscle groups you need to work along with a cardio session and warm up session. 

Keep breaks and rest sessions as small as possible to maximize the effect of your workout. Here we give you a sample workout plan that can help you maximize your gym time. Take cues from this and get your personalized gym workout plan made:

Take rest for one minute between sets

Start with a 10 to 15 minute warm up session

●    Front Squats – 4 Sets x 8 Reps
●    Stiff-Legged Deadlifts – 4 Sets x 8 Reps
●    Bench Press – 4 Sets x 8 Reps
●    Bent-Over Rows – 4 Sets x 8 Reps
●    Barbell Curls – 3 Sets x 10 Reps
●    Weighted Dips – 3 Sets x 10 Reps
●    Abdominal Work (Leg Raises, Decline Crunches)- 3 x 15-20 Reps

2.    Try Supersets To Maximize Your Gym Time

If you wish to make the most of your gym time then supersetting is an excellent way to keep your gym visit sweet, short and intense with every minute being worth spending. This will not only bump up the intensity of your workout but will also help you workout more in less time, which is also a key to quality muscle building. 

To begin with, supersetting can be done in different ways, that include:

Antagonist Supersetting: It means pairing of two opposite muscle groups, for example, biceps with triceps, quads with hamstrings and chest with back. This kind of supersetting is effective when you wish to loosen one muscle and wish its antagonist to contract.

Agonist Supersetting: Where exercise of same muscle groups is combined like bench press with dumbbell flyes or squats with leg extensions. It is basically a combination of compound movement with isolation movement. 

Unconventional Supersetting: Here two exercises that work differently for different body parts are combined, such as triceps and back, biceps and chest, or quadriceps and calves.

Different Types Of Supersets

Pre-Exhaustion Supersets 

This type of superset allows you to completely exhaust one muscle group by performing isolation exercise and then make you work hard on them through compound exercise. Example: Leg extensions followed by squats. 

Post-Exhaustion Supersets

If you are willing to take pain to a whole new level then this type of superset is meant for you. Start with a compound exercise of one muscle group and them take it to isolation exercise, this will completely trash the muscle fibers of the muscle group you are working on. Example: Squats followed by leg extensions. 

Compound Supersets

Compound supersets are meant to be done by advanced trainees only as it involves the use of heavy weights during both the parts of the superset, which might lead to heavy Central Nervous System (CNS) stress. Example: Bench press followed by inclined bench press. 

Isolation Supersets

If you wish to completely destroy a muscle group them this superset help you generously in doing so. In this, you can actually double the workout in the same amount of time, while focusing completely on a single muscle group. Example: Barbell curl followed by hammer curl. 

Staggered Supersets 

This is notably the least taxing way to perform supersets effectively because here you work on two completely different and unrelated muscle groups at the same time. It is meant to allow you a full rest and recovery of your muscle groups so that you can work on other muscle groups in between. Example: bench press followed by calf raises.

3.    Limit socializing in gym

Remember that you are going to gym to work on your muscles and body so that you can meet your weight loss/weight gain goals or get those six pack abs which you have been dreaming to have for a long time. Thus, don’t use your gym time as a socializing time and stop wasting it in getting friendly with others in gym or striking a long conversations that have no impact on your health. 

Focus on your purpose, remind yourself why you are here, why you have taken time out of your busy schedule and why you have spent your hard earned money on gym membership. Stay focused on your goal while in gym and there are other places to have a friendly chit chat with people or make new friends. 

4.    Keep your intensity high

A high intensity workout helps you stay focused and burn more calories while you are at gym. The higher the intensity the chances of your burning out are brighter. If you follow a low intensity workout routine then your progress in gym will be slow and no matter how many hours you are spending the result will take its own sweet time. To increase the intensity of your workout consider having a high caffeinated pre-workout supplement at least an hour before you hit the gym. 

Caffeine takes at least 60 minutes before it starts showing its effect, a pre-workout supplement will increase alertness, sharpen focus, help burn fat effectively and will help you in working out for a longer period in gym with high intensity. The high intensity workout needs higher tolerance to pain as it makes your body work at a faster pace, a caffeinated supplement drink will also increase your pain tolerance thus helping you get the most of your gym time without making your body ache with pain. 

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