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5 Craziest Celebrity Transformations Of 2016

Every year we witness some stories that go down the memory-lane like never before. 2016 is marked by post break-up fitness marathon, hot gym selfies & rocking Instagram pics. Let’s have a look at the biggest celeb transformations that made news this year.

We are largely a star-struck nation! From latest wardrobe trends to dialect influences to idolising fitness levels of our celebrities, we do it all. Apart from all the controversies that we troll these celebs for, lets also credit them for showing immense grit and determination when it comes to transforming their bodies unbelievably.

So, lets recap all the major transformations we witnessed in 2016.

Aamir Khan – They say all good things come in small packages. In case of the perfectionist Khan, Aamir has broken all records this time around. The Ghajini of bollywood has defied age and everything else to achieve a muscular, wrestler-like built together with the body of an aging wrestler weighing 97 kgs, both for a single movie and in a short span of time. In the past also, Aamir has metamorphosed his body to suit a role like in Ghajini or 3 Idiots. But this is perhaps the first time when he gained and lost close to 28 kgs for a role.

Parineeti Chopra- In a popular chat show, Parineeti revealed that the worst comment she heard for being overweight was – Chopra junior is like a hot-air balloon. Well, she took it all with a pinch of salt and proved to the world that her dedication is not just limited to delivering finest roles on-screen. She trained hard and achieved an enviable fitness level in record time & went on to become a size-30 from size-38. Today, Parineeti is a classic mix of great body oozing with immense acting talent.

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Anant Ambani – We often see those before & after advertisements claiming radical weight loss procedures. Ambani scion- Anant Ambani is a perfect poster boy for such advertisements. Combating diseases like Diabetes & Asthma, this 21-yr old lost a staggering 108 kgs in a span of 18 months. 6-8 hrs of workout, low-carb & high-fibre diet together with undying passion and dedication were the reasons behind his epic fitness transformation. National icons like ace cricketer M.S.Dhoni and superstar Salman Khan praised Anant Ambani for his willpower to shed so much weight with sheer hardwork and dedication. 

Randeep Hooda – This story is one of dedication towards one’s craft but not necessarily for direct inspiration. At the behest of his national award-winning director Omung Kumar, the Kick actor lost 18 kgs in just 28 days for his movie Sarbjit. The 39-yr old Haryanvi Jat is a self-confessed foodie but stuck to 500-600 calories a day. Under the supervision of his dietician-sister he managed to pull-off his skeletal look for major portions of the movie. Interestingly, he bulked up in just 20 days for some scenes in the movie where he had to play a wrestler.

Kardashians – The oh-so-popular Kardashian family doesn’t seem to believe in lying low even for a while. This year however, it was not Kim Kardashian or Kendall Jenner that made headlines. The biggest transformation in this reality TV by-product family came from Khloe Kardashian and her erstwhile half-father/ now a woman- Caitlyn Jenner. Often touted as the fat sister, or in the words of then media baron- Donald Trump who called her the ugly Kardashian, Khloe has displayed massive transformation. 

After coming out from a bitter divorce, the gym was her therapy. The 32-yr old shed close to 18 kgs to achieve the fittest body of her life. Endless training sessions, monitored dietary intake and fire-in-the-belly were the key things that worked for her weight loss journey. Khloe has given the world major post break-up goals & a ray of hope to the doomed.

Closer home, incidentally or not, another “K” – Katrina Kaif decided to get still fitter post her break-up with beau Ranbir Kapoor. Her revenge body has been the talk of the town ever since. Her well-sculpted abs and hourglass figure is pure inspiration for many.

The 67-yr gold-medal winning olympian shocked the world when he decided to change from a lifetime of being Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn Jenner. Following his instincts that his soul is of a woman, Bruce Jenner confirmed to leading dailies that he is transgender. Thereafter, his process of turning into Caitlyn started, giving hope to millions still trapped in the shackles of society.

But the preachy bit aside, all the above stories reinstate our belief in the fact that nothing is too difficult to achieve. With ample self-motivation and proper guidance you too can enter the best phase of your life and look like a million bucks!

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