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5 Difficult Exercises We Dare You To Try

Written By Saurabh Monga

5 Difficult Exercises We Dare You To Try

Are you a fitness freak? Then it’s time to attempt something crazy! These 5 difficult exercises will put your fitness, strength, stability and stamina to the ultimate test.

Most gym workouts need a good warm-up first to ease the tension off the muscles and get ready for the ultimate workout. But, for these 5 difficult exercises, a simple warm-up won’t be enough. You need expert training and strong preparation to even attempt to perform them, let alone performing them to perfection. Because these 5 difficult exercises require so much strength and skill, that to perform them with perfection will take months and maybe years of training in some cases.

Human Flag

Target Area – Abs and Obliques

This exercise requires your fitness to be on just another level. This could easily rank in the top five of the most difficult exercises ever. You must have seen a flag… right? Now if you had to replace your body with the piece of rectangular shaped cloth on the pole and be in the same position stuck with the pole, it’s going to be a great test of strength.

Before you attempt the Human Flag exercise, there are certain warm up exercises you need to do to prepare for doing the Human Flag exercise. So, let’s go ahead and watch a video for a detailed preparation and execution of a Human Flag exercise.


Weighted Plank

Target Area – Core

A strong core is extremely important not only for overall muscle tone & fitness but also to gain strength to perform many difficult exercises like Squats, Deadlifts, and Hanging Leg Raises etc. It helps build strength and power across the entire mid-section. Doing a core exercise is certainly a bit of a strenuous task and puts your body strength to the test. Therefore doing a difficult core exercise raises the bar even further.

One of the most difficult exercises for the core is Weighted Plank. Plank, in general, itself is not an easy exercise to perform. Thus, using weights to perform planks, becomes even more difficult.  

You can begin with a 10 kg plate and add another 10 – 15 kgs as per requirement and comfort. Once in plank position with weights on your mid-lower back, hold the plank position for 30 secs.

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HSPU – Hand Stand Push Ups

Target Area – Triceps, Shoulder, and Chest

Push ups are one of the most common exercises done for general warm-up as well as a part of a chest workout. Performing push ups, in general, is easy and the difficulty level goes up when you either increase the reps or you use weights while performing push ups.

There are many different types of push ups that can be performed as a part of a variety of workouts. And some of the push up types are a bit difficult to perform. For example, superman push ups, one-hand push ups, and front- clap/back-clap push ups etc. But one of the most difficult types of push ups is the Hand Stand Push Ups.

Hand Stand Push Ups (HSPU) or also known as Leaning Tower HSPU is one of the most difficult exercises to perform.

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Iron Cross

Target Area – Upper Body

The Iron Cross is an exercise that has the potential to be a brutal test of your strength and stability. The Iron Cross on the Rings is again one of the pretty well known and most difficult exercises to perform in the world of gymnastics. It’s a body weight skill that requires strong preparation to get ready to attempt it. The reason it requires so much preparation is because the Iron Cross puts a good amount of stress on your muscles. So, it’s necessary to get your fundamentals right and develop good muscle strength beforehand. 
You can do exercises like Dips using the gymnastic rings, Rings out swings, Cables etc.
These preparatory exercises help develop stability which is one of the core requirements of an Iron Cross exercise. 

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One Arm Hanging Leg Raise

Target Area – Abs

A hanging leg raise is a very effective exercise for strong and crunchy abs. It is not easy to do a hanging leg raise as it takes good arm strength, core strength, and stamina. Thus, doing the one arm hanging leg raise makes it one of the most difficult exercises for abs.

There is a lot of stress that will fall on your shoulder while performing this exercise, so you must learn how to stabilize the movement and master your technique to perform the one arm hanging leg raise without experiencing any hurdles or injuries. The correct technique is very important for this exercise. You may want to try one arm knee raise and one arm half-leg raise too.

These exercises have a very high difficulty level. It requires great body strength, skills and training to attempt and master these exercises. We strongly advise that you attempt them only under supervision and must not go beyond your physical limits in case you face any issues that can possibly cause injury.

Consult an expert trainer first, prepare yourself both physically and mentally, train your body to gain strength and then attempt these exercises under the guidance & supervision of an experienced trainer.

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