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5 Permanent Weight Loss Solutions!

Written By Urja

Weight management is a lifetime process. Long term weight loss solutions do not have to be very difficult, if you do it right!

Weight loss is easy, since it’s all about reaching a goal. It is the maintenance that can be very challenging as that entails little sacrifices over a long period of time.
These sacrifices have to come in the form of:
➢The right diet
➢Proper workout
➢Stable mindset

While people resort to drastic measures for weight loss, we would advice you to take small steps after you have reached your goal otherwise the whole effort starts seeming like an ordeal and people eventually return to old habits!

We’re here to make your job easier. These expert recommended tips for ultimate weight solution would definitely come in handy. It’s time to get your reading glasses out, and thinking caps on!

Program your mind for success, and keep all negative thoughts at bay when you’re thinking about how to lose weight. Now its not just about getting in shape, but staying in shape. You may feel good from within, more flexible and lighter but that just means you’re on the right path. There are still many hurdles to face. You would also have to ditch the ‘all or nothing’ mentality. Just because you have been demotivated for some time and have been indulging in cheat meals doesn’t mean you can’t pick it up from here. For more number of calories consumed, work out a little harder!

Try and try till you succeed! The results won’t start showing in an instant. You have to program your mind to handle failure like success, ignore it and move on!

Though taking massive actions have turned into success stories for some, it might not necessarily yield the same results for you. Steer clear of any activity that you’re highly fearful of like running 10 kilometers a day, or something you haven’t done before, like avoiding rice or chapatis altogether as solutions for weight loss. This might be bad not just for your confidence levels, but overall wellness too. Once demotivation starts to sink in the initial stages, studies show that people ditch their weight-loss goals and take up a new exciting plan that seems easier.

You should not look at losing more than 1-2 kgs per week. Don’t change your diet altogether to fruits and vegetables, nor do you have to keep committing the same nutrition mistakes. A slow and steady goal would go a long way!

Don’t think of a cheat meal as a cheat meal. Think of it as reward for all the hard work that you do. This way you are not left feeling deprived by snacking on delectable eats, while you are motivated enough for your next goal. Just remember that the portion of your cheat meal be small otherwise some of your prior efforts might go to waste.

Tip: Try and cook your cheat meal at home. Make it in refined oil and make sure you add a lot of veggies in it! Even when you’re cheating, you can make your meal nutrient-dense and antioxidant rich by choosing the right ingredients. Beans, whole grain, lean protein, nuts, green leafy vegetables and berries can be a few add-ons!

Choose a weight-loss diet that you would enjoy

Now that you are thin and fit you would want to let go off your weight-loss diet altogether. But when you’re looking for simple solutions for losing weight for a more long-term purpose, you can only afford to loosen the strings a little. Then bit by bit you can take more leverages with time. That is the good news!

But the news that you didn’t want to hear was that you still need to cut down on fatty food. That’s because junk food is not just high on calories, but unhealthy also! Exercising portion control would be really a help here. If you have missed eating your favorite chocolate sundae or chicken pizza, then keep the portion small while limiting it to once a week! You could take the help of fat burner supplements, but don’t start to rely on them. Natural weight loss solutions are the best!

The same would go for your exercise routine. You don’t have to follow a strenuous regime as maintenance would require only a basic workout. Any weight loss guide would tell you to exercise regularly, but you need to device other methods of staying active and fresh. One way to do that is by maximizing your gym time!

Take up other sources for working out to keep your body as well as brain active. Don’t rely on technology all the time. Ditch the elevator and take the stairs. Walk towards the bus-stop or metro station. In fact, grab any opportunity where you could walk more than the previous day. It is the little changes in lifestyle that will go a long way. Work out, in whichever way you like, on an everyday basis!

When you’re planning to make weight loss a part of your life forever, then make sure it is something beautiful rather than something that makes you cringe. Watch every step you take and once the results start to show, you would fall in love with the whole process. Follow these easy weight loss solutions that would make you stick to your fitness goals and ensure your success on a more long-term basis!

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