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5 Tips for Advanced Bodybuilders

5 Tips For Advanced Bodybuilders

Are there any tips for advanced bodybuilders? What do you tell someone who has been currently training for more than two years? We bring you the top 5 tips to take your training to the next level!

Advanced lifters are those individuals who have been training for quite some time now. Instead of giving them an advanced workout plan or a specific diet; tips for long term gains are more optimal here.

Any advanced lifter would know the importance of tracking everything. Be it calories, and/or macros, a lifter can only progress if we understands how and why is he or she is improving. Keep a journal maintained at all times, even at the gym. Here’s how it works. You go to the gym, you log in EVERY set, and rep and if you can, also record how each rep felt. This will surely increase the time of your training but will keep you focused and in the zone. Plus you will learn how small things can have magical changes, like the foot placement in your squat or the driving with your hips in the deadlift etc.

A top advanced intensity building technique for any professional and/or advanced lifter is to crush the bar with your hands while performing any exercise. Not only will you increase mental awareness, but also your grip strength!

The postive end of any lifting movement is the push or the pull of a certain exercise. For example when you are curling a dumbell, when you pull the dumbell upwards, that is the postive movement. The negative movement is when you come down. Many new lifters just come down fast and thus do not get enough muscle contraction. While coming down, purposely push yourself to go slower than usual. Your muscles will burn but your physique will thank you. Any workout for pro bodybuilders should in fact include a change in the rep tempo.

There are training techniques like Supersets and Giant sets that not only get you out of the gym quicker but add to your total volume. If you are a natural bodybuilder and have been training a while, you would know that after your 2nd year, the muscle gains come slowly. It is a race for diminished returns. In this race however, supersets will increase your total volume. Consider the following example:

Workout A Workout B
Incline Bench x Decline Bench 5 sets x 5 reps Flat Bench Press 5 sets x 5 reps
Deadlift x Bent Over Row 5 sets x 5 reps Deadlift 5 sets x 5 reps

Both workout plans are in fact solid for a beginning foundation. However within two exercises, the person performing Workout A has performed 10 sets instead of 5 sets for Workout B and a total of 50 reps instead of 25 in just two exercises!

Supersets are two exercises performed back to back with no rest

This then would increase the total volume in a workout which would then lead to increased endurance, more muscle mass in the long run. Any advanced workout plan should incorporate this technique.

Unfortunately this is the achilles heel for many advanced level athletes. There are a plethora of resources on workout for pro bodybuilders but not all are suited for the average gym goers. Therefore one needs to understand what to use and what not. A fine example of this is the diets that we have. There’s atikins, ketosis, low carb etc. All are centered around the notion of counting caloriesThus you would need to pick what works best for you and thus tailor it according to your lifestyle.

This might seem like a letdown but since you’ve come this far, this is the most useful tip that anyone can give you. People who get fat or ripped, don’t do so in a day and therefore to take your dream physique and transform it into reality takes time. It’ll be especially harder if you are natural as true naturals experience at best a 0.25kg of increase per year, of muscle mass, after their 5-6th year of training. Don’t fret though. Stay the course. Do your cardio, lift regularly, have a regimented training and nutrition schedule and sleep well. Most of all don’t let your motivation dip. Lift hard and that godly aesthetic body is just around the corner!

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