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5 Ways to Mix up your Pre-Workout Energy Drink

Written By Jyoti Jaswal

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Looking for good natural energy drinks for gym? Charging up before a workout is important and having a pre workout energy drink is the easiest way to fuel up all the nutrients to meet the demands of your workout. Pre-workout energy drinks are vital to boost your energy levels and unlock your stamina and strength for exercise. Consuming preservative energies in the name of pre-workout drinks can be a bad idea. 

So, skip those artificial, highly processed, pasteurized and coloured drinks. Instead, prepare your own energy drinks for gym with all-natural and fresh ingredients. They are fun and easy to make. So, if you’re looking to fuel up your pre-workout sessions, here’s a bunch of interesting ways to mix up your pre workout energy drink to gear up in a minimally draining way. 

How To Make The Best Workout Energy Drink?

Normally, you can throw in a bunch of stuff you find in your fridge into a blender and call it a day but for reaching your desired fitness goals and recovery here are some key points to keep in mind while making the best pre workout natural drink:

  • Pack it with Protein: It is essential to fuel up your body before an intense workout. The easiest way of getting sufficient protein is by adding yoghurts, nuts, butter, milk and even energy powder for gym. 
  • Always Include Energy Boosters: Remember, energy-giving carbs should be your best friend when you’re exercising. Add in enough fruits, nuts that are high in potassium and nutrients to charge you up for the long workout.
  • Don’t Overdo It: Yes, this is one of the most important things to remember while exercising and maintaining a diet. Don’t undo all your hard work by gobbling down calorie bombs in the name of smoothies and energy drinks. So, refrain from adding ice creams and syrups to your drinks. 

Here are five kickass workout energy drinks that will gear you up for your fitness routines. 

#1 Orange Flax Seed Smoothie 

Let’s start our round with a fresh glass of smoothie! Smoothies are a staple way to kick in the protein. This smoothie is a perfect pre workout natural drink with a tasty yet healthy twist. This classic combo of oranges with flax seeds is blended into a smooth drink to energize you for your intense workout. It contains the perfect amount of protein and nutrients to fuel your body. 

You can mix this drink with your go-to energy powder for gym to bring out a smooth taste along with fulfilling the daily intake of nutrients.

#2 Green Banana Smoothie

This is one of the most loved energy drinks for gym. Bananas are the powerhouse of potassium. An important mineral that beats fatigue and charges the body’s enzymes to generate energy. They are an excellent choice for workout energy drinks as they are high in Vitamin B1, B2, B3 and B6 which helps convert food into energy. Bananas contain phosphorus which helps in decreasing tiredness and boosting physical endurance. This is one of the best energy drinks for gym.

Consuming greens before a workout can be extremely beneficial as they help you maximize your body’s performance and endurance. You can make the best workout energy drink by mixing bananas and your greens such as spinach, kale, avocados into a delicious blend to unlock the higher energy levels for a great workout session. 

#3 Kiwi and Kale Punch

Now, who doesn’t love kiwis?! Kiwis are loaded with Vitamin C and dietary fibre. They are an excellent source for supporting digestive health and the immune system. Adding kiwis to your pre-workout regimes can be a great way to bring in plenty of potassium. They help regulate fluid balance, muscle contractions and nerve signals. They make a perfect choice for energy drinks for gym. You can take your pre-workout drink session a level high by mixing kiwis with kale. Kale is an amazing antioxidant that boosts stamina and endurance for that perfect workout session. Its water levels stabilize and control the muscle contractions. You can also add energy drink powder for gym as per your choice to make the drink super loaded with nutrients. 

#4 Vanilla Protein Smoothie

This smoothie is one of the perfect workout energy drinks with a tasty yet healthy twist. This classic combo of fruits and vegetables is blended into a smooth drink to vitalize you for your workout. It contains the perfect amount of protein and nutrients to fuel your body. All you have to do is mix your favourite fruits and veggies together to form a nice blend. You can pair this drink with any energy drink powder for gym to bring out a smooth taste along with fulfilling the daily intake of nutrients. This is an easy pre workout natural drink that will hardly take you 5 minutes to make. 

#5 Matcha Coconut Drink

This is not just a random mixup drink. It is one of the best energy drinks for gym. Right from its tempting colour and delicious taste to its several benefits in one glass. The star of the show, Matcha is an excellent antioxidant that boosts your stamina and endurance. Its green tea extracts help increase metabolism. This quirky drink gets its twist from the coconut flakes blended with your favourite fruits to get that thick texture. You can also add your choice of energy drink powder for gym to make it a wholesome drink packed with protein and other nutrients that gives you the kick for that good workout. 


These healthy yet delicious glasses of energy are suitable for both pre or post-workout. Mix them up with your choice of fruits, veggies and even energy drink powder for gym to make that perfect pre workout natural drink. These fun recipes are easy to make and loaded with nutrition. So, if you’re still confused about your pre-workout regimes, you just got yourself amazing ideas to start your day. So, it’s time to ditch your pre-workout supplements and enjoy your homemade energy drinks! 

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