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Top 5 Indian Raw Whey Protein Brands

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When we consider the number of Indian whey protein brands, finding a whey protein is a difficult task. With every whey protein supplement claiming to provide pure protein post-workout, you must consider a few factors, such as how much money you want to spend on these supplements and which one is best for you.

The latter can only be understood if we try almost every whey protein brand first. However, if you are not lactose intolerant and would like to get the best whey protein in India, we can assist you. We have attempted to explore the ins and outs of raw whey protein as well as the best whey protein in India.

What Is Raw Whey Protein?

Raw whey protein is an unsweetened protein supplement that has had minimum processing, resulting in a high whey protein concentration that is free of preservatives and flavor. Yes, it may sound tasteless, but it contains 80 percent protein and aids in the development of lean muscle without the risk of muscle loss.

Raw whey protein powder, according to specialists, is one of the best whey protein in India, if you want to create a large muscle size and make it more toned. It will help you satisfy your nutritional requirements because it contains a large amount of BCAA and Glutamine.

Raw whey protein has a cheaper cost than other whey proteins, which puts it one step ahead of the competition. So, in conclusion, if you are lactose intolerant, you should absolutely try raw whey protein powder and save your hard-earned money.

To make your search for raw whey products even simpler, we’ve compiled a list of the best Indian whey protein brands to try:


As of 2021, this is a leading Indian sports nutrition brand, having been around since 2012. MuscleBlaze is an Indian brand that sells a variety of supplements, including whey protein. MuscleBlaze’s raw whey protein powder line is of the highest quality and is designed to fulfill the particular needs of fitness lovers. Many athletes and fitness enthusiasts endorse this brand.

MuscleBlaze is the first Indian whey protein brand to have its whey protein powder verified by Labdoor, an internationally known supplement testing firm that evaluates protein supplements for purity, authenticity, and sports performance.

It provides the best whey protein isolate in India to enhance lean muscle building. It’s unflavored, which means you may eat it however you like. This whey protein pricing is reasonable, and anyone wishing to achieve a lean physique should consider it.


Healthkart is India’s biggest health and wellness store, offering a wide variety of supplements to help you improve your overall health. It has a big selection of health, sports, and fitness products, as well as related items from the most reputable companies.

It also provides the best raw whey protein in India to help serious bodybuilders, beginners, and even those who want to live a healthier lifestyle boost their muscle-building efforts.

The best feature about ordering supplements from Healthkart is that you can pick from a wide range of high-quality supplements from a variety of reputable and well-known Indian whey protein brands. Whey protein supplements are available from Healthkart, and some of the whey powders from healthkart are listed below:

  • Healthkart 100% Pure Whey Protein: It contains whey protein concentrate, which aids muscle development. It’s also high in BCAAs, which aid muscle rehabilitation. This whey protein cost is really reasonable.
  • Healthkart Protein with Whey, Soy, & Casein: This product is a combination of soy, casein, and whey protein that aids in muscle growth and weight loss.

3.Six Pack Nutrition

Six Pack Nutrition Raw Whey Protein is one of the best raw protein supplements on the market in India. The raw whey protein powder, which is guaranteed to contain 80 percent pure protein, also provides 40 percent of the RDA in a single 30g scoop.

Six Pack Nutrition’s raw protein supplement, when paired with correct weight and resistance exercise, promises to build lean muscle. It comes in an unflavored version, allowing you to mix it into any food or beverage you want.

Each serving of 30 g of raw protein contains 24 g of protein, 10.9 grams of EAA, 5.4 grams of BCAA, and 4 grams of glutamine acid.

4.Asitis Nutrition

Their raw whey protein powder claims to give 90% protein with no enzymes, no chemicals, and no flavor. If you want to grow muscle and reduce weight after an exercise, Asitis Nutrition Whey Protein Isolate is one of the best whey protein isolate in India. One scoop of raw protein (30 grams) yields 27 grams of pure protein.

The Asitis Nutrition Whey Protein Concentrate is on the list for individuals looking for a less expensive but best raw protein than the isolate version. The raw whey protein is perfectly developed for newbies, as it contains 4.5 BCAA, which helps muscles grow and gain more effectively.

One scoop of Asitis Nutrition Whey Protein Concentrate contains 24 g of protein, which is more than enough for post-workout recovery.

5.Optimum Nutrition (ON)

This is a well-known brand that provides high-quality products. ON Whey Protein is well-known for its high quality and effective effects. One of the best whey protein in India for lean muscle growth is ON Gold Standard 100 percent Whey Protein. It also aids in the maintenance and improvement of metabolism, as well as the enhancement of stamina and energy.

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