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6 Best Natural Lubricants for Sex

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Natural Lubricants

Lubes can make your intimate encounters more pleasant and pleasurable. If you know what you want, they are a fantastic method to improve your experience. Lubricants reduce dryness, which can interfere during sexual intercourse and can result in injury. These slippery-textured oils and gels facilitate penetration and are frequently used as massage aids. However, not every lube is created equally. Some personal lubricants have “questionable” components that might irritate your private areas. Therefore, using natural lubricants can be a great way to enjoy slipperiness without experiencing the negative consequences that can come from using lubes that are available commercially and are loaded with chemicals.

What is a Natural Lubricant?

Natural lubricant is defined as lube that is manufactured from all-natural materials, such as nut oils and aloe leaf juice and is free of chemical additives.

The great thing about natural lubes is that you can potentially use items you already have in your kitchen. Furthermore, you can purchase any plant-based oil (including coconut, vitamin E, and olive oil) online or in specialty shops where you can discover high-quality organic products. Just make sure the plant oils you purchase have no artificial chemicals and are pure and organic.

Why Use Natural Lubes?

According to studies, women feel more likely to experience an orgasm during vaginal intercourse when they are wetter. If there are insufficient vaginal secretions produced, lubricants, moisturizers, or other treatments may be used. These products could be used for anal sex as well.

Pharmacies carry a wide variety of commercial lubricants, however, some people may be concerned about the effects of specific chemicals. Ingredients like glycerin, propylene glycol, and fragrances may cause sensitivities or unpleasant reactions in certain people.

Some lubricants also include warming chemicals to stimulate arousal and sweeteners as a supplement for oral sex. These additional ingredients are not required for those looking for a vaginal dryness cure. Some people might be concerned about how these chemicals might affect their health.

Natural lubricants are free of glycerin, propylene glycol, and fragrances, making them safe for those with sensitive skin. In general, extra non-pure ingredients such as synthetic chemicals, colors, preservatives, artificial perfumes, and other poisons are excluded from natural lubricants.

We’ve assembled a list of the best natural lubricants that have been vetted by industry professionals to ensure that you’re only adding the safest products to your cart. For a silky, slippery texture without any of the potentially foul ingredients, several of these natural lubes contain coconut oil, aloe vera, or vitamin E.

Best Natural Lubricants You Can Use During Sex

Here are the best body-safe natural lubricants to use during your next sex session with your partner:

  1. Coconut Oil

The advantage of using coconut oil as a natural lube is that it is generally safe and contains no [alcohols or glycerins]. It is actually among the best natural lubricants for female dryness during sex. Many people eventually give it a try and discover that they prefer the texture to over-the-counter lubricants that are silicone- or water-based.

  1. Peanut Oil

Studies have shown that peanut oil actually becomes less viscous when heated to body temperature, despite the fact that it is often less viscous than some of the other oils available. This may be more comparable to the natural lubricants produced by physiologic sexual secretions, which is why some people like it.

It is among the best natural lubricants for males. It doesn’t smell like peanuts, so don’t be concerned. However, before using it, make sure your companion is peanut allergy-free.

  1. Vitamin E Oil

Some people store Vitamin E oil in their medicine cabinets to use as a skin moisturizer, and they also prefer to use it as a natural vaginal lubricant due to its highly moisturizing properties.

  1. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera can be used with latex condoms, unlike the other natural lubes on this list. Aloe vera gel has the advantages of being slippery, soothing, and even having the ability to lessen the risk of developing yeast infections. The only requirement is that it must be made entirely of aloe vera. Many aloe vera products have artificial chemicals that might irritate vaginas.

  1. Vaseline

Being an emollient, petroleum jelly softens and promotes the healing of the skin. Usage on the vulva and inside the vagina is absolutely safe. It is a fantastic natural lubricant for women to use to stimulate their intimate parts during sexual intercourse. The drawback is that sometimes it’s hard to wipe off after sex, and people could feel a little “sticky” down there. However, after a thorough cleaning, your skin may feel more hydrated and smooth.

  1. Cornstarch & Water

Natural lubricants made from corn starch and water are generally safe and well-tolerated. It is simple to make at home by combining 2 to 4 teaspoons of corn starch with 1 cup of water and bringing the mixture to a boil while stirring frequently. Boil until it reaches the consistency you want, turn off the heat, and stir while it cools for about five minutes.

The formula creates a slick liquid that protects against friction and is suitable for use with condoms and toys alike.


Natural lubricants can be found in everyday foods like oils and yogurt or in commercial products that bear the term “natural.” To avoid some unwanted chemicals in commercial goods, people can also choose to use natural lubricants.

To ensure that a natural lube is both safe and efficient, it is recommended to consult a doctor before choosing it.

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