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6 Protein Rich Dessert Recipes for Christmas

Written By Latika Gupta

6 Protein Rich Dessert Recipes For Christmas

With the beautiful Christmas Eve around, these 6 Protein Rich Dessert Recipes are an ideal way to share a moment of love, health and fitness. Protein powder in these desserts gives you a healthy way to celebrate this auspicios day in a yummy way.

Christmas is round the corner which means celebrations will be in full swing for everyone baring the age. For foodies, this is the best time to brush up their cooking skills and would be busy in learning how to make exotic dessert or sweets to increase the merriment. While churning out new recipes and experimenting with the existing one is good, the one thing that we often overlook during such occasions is our workout and diet. Whether you agree or not, festivals take our diet plans for a toss and we end up piling kilos just for indulging in some sinful Christmas cake, cookie or pastry. But, ignoring the delicacies during celebrations should be an ideal situation? Definitely not!

Why deprive yourself of some happiness when you can easily make this delightful happiness healthy as well. Today we will tell you some amazing high protein dessert recipes that can add healthy quotient to your celebrations without altering the taste factor or playing around with your weighing scale. These recipes are ideal for those looking on a weight loss for new year party or on a strict workout regimen for six pack abs before the summers. If you do not know that sweets and proteins can go hand to hand, than let us take you on a trail of protein rich dessert recipes to make your Christmas merrier.

Protein Rich Dessert Recipes

1. Peanut Butter Cups
Who does not like peanut butter? Well everyone does actually and often use it as their comfort food. Why not make a healthy dessert snack using your favorite peanut butter with addition of protein powder to keep it less on fat. It is very easy to prepare and gets ready in very less time also.

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a. Quarter cup of coconut oil
b. Honey 2 tablespoon
c. 2 table spoon of chocolate protein powder
d. 2 tablespoon of cocoa powder
e. 2 tablespoon of peanut butter
f. Cooking spray
1. Get the mini muffin tin and then prepare it by spraying cooking spray.
2. Take a small pan to melt the coconut oil and then mix it well with honey.
3. Next mix the cocoa powder and protein powder in an even manner. Mix both dry ingredients with coconut oil and honey concoction
4. Now take 1 tablespoon of this mixture and fill quarter of muffin tins and place it in the freezer. Make sure to stir well while filling the muffin tins.
5. Wait for the bottom layer to freeze and then fill the middle layer with peanut butter as smooth as possible.
6. Now the last thing to add is the chocolate mixture prepared on the top of the muffin and then keep it in the freezer for 3 hours.
7. Your muffin is ready to be served with rich protein.
2. Protein Pancakes
Pancake has always been an important part of your morning routine as it is best to start your day. But what if you get the delicious pancake that is rich in protein as well? This healthy recipe of protein pancakes is excellent to ring in the Christmas morning. Trust me, it will take very less time to prepare and will leave you fully satisfied while serving it to your loved ones.

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b. 8 tablespoon of ground flax seeds
c. 4 cups of almond milk
d. 2 tablespoon of rum extract
e. 2 cups of flour
f. 4 tablespoon of cocoa powder
g. 1 tablespoon of Espresso Powder
h. 4 tablespoon Baking powder
For Cream
a. Yogurt 3 cups
b. 2 tablespoon of Stevia Extract
c. Non-stick Spray
a. Chocolate Syrup (sugar free or not as your choice)
b. Strawberries
1. Take a small bowl, mix ground flax seeds, rum extract and almond milk. Make sure the mix is stirred nicely.
2. Keep the mixture aside for some time to get it thick.
3. Mix all the dry ingredients in a big bowl nicely without any lumps.
4. Combine the dry mixture with liquid flax seed mixture nicely and slowly. Make sure the mixture is thick but not dry.
5. Heat a pan on low heat and coat the pan with non-stick spray.
6. Add pancake batter to the pan around one third cup at a time.
7. Cook the pancake by covering it with a lid for some time till the edges of the pancake does not look like firm. Flip the side and then cook for some more time. Repeat the same procedure for remaining batter.
8. Now mix the yogurt and sweetener nicely.
9. Top up the pancake with yogurt mix and chocolate syrup. You can also add strawberries on top of it.
3. Plum Protein Cake Bars
Chocolate plum cake bars will be your favorite dessert every time you are craving for some sweet and can indulge them without thinking about its side effects on your weighing scale.. These plum cake bars are made using rich protein powder which makes them extremely healthy and tasty. Today we will tell you how a protein rich plum cake bars can be made easily at your home.

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a. 1 cup of oat flour
b. Quarter cup of almond flour
d. Chocolate protein powder around 2 scoops
e. Quarter cup of sweetener
f. Half tablespoon of baking powder
g. 150 gram of sugar free jam
h. 3 tablespoon of raw cocoa powder
i. Quarter tablespoon of salt
j. 3 tablespoon of dark chocolate chips
k. 2 plums
l. Skim milk
m. Fat free Greek yogurt
n. Sunflower seeds
o. Orange Chocolate Chips (3 tablespoon)
1. Prepare a baking form of your choice and put a sheet of baking paper into it. Now heat the oven to 180 degrees.
2. Cut the plums in small pieces or cubes
3. Mix egg whites, sweetener, and salt and whisk till they are mixed nicely. Now add skim milk, yogurt and jam in this mixture and stir it nicely.
4. Mix all dry ingredients nicely and evenly.
5. Mix dry and wet mixtures together to form a batter without lumps.
6. Stir in cube plums, dark chocolate chips and sunflower seeds nicely.
7. Pour the mixtures into the dish and then bake it for around 30 minutes.
8. Keep it aside for some time and then sprinkle Orange Chocolate chips on top of it.
4. Pumpkin Pancakes with High Protein
Pancakes are always the best part of the meal and if you can add the protein quotient to it then there is nothing a health freak could ever ask for. The best part of these pancakes is that you can prepare it by yourself and try to impress your friends or loved ones by calling them for a house party.

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a. Half cup of pumpkin puree
b. 2 large pastured eggs
c. Almond milk
d. 1 tablespoon coconut oil
e. Apple cider vinegar half tablespoon
f. 1 cup of almond flour
g. Flax seeds Quarter cup
h. Half tablespoon of pumpkin pie spice
i. Quarter table spoon of baking soda
j. Maple syrup
k. Toasted walnuts
1. Heat the barbeque to around 300 degrees.
2. Mix pumpkin pie, egg whites, coconut oil, almond milk, cider vinegar in a bowl. Mix almond flour, flax, baking soda and stir it nicely to make a thick batter.
3. Oil the barbeque lightly with coconut oil. Fill the barbeque with the batter and cook it on one side till it gets brown in color.
4. Fill the top of the cake with pure maple syrup and toasted walnuts.
5. Pumpkin & Tofu Protein Pudding
Hearing the word pudding only makes your mouth to water more than usual and when you can prepare delicious and healthy pudding in your home then why you want to spend money on buying one from the market. Moreover, when you are preparing by yourself then you can add needed amount of protein supplements to make it even healthier.

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a. 2 Cups of Pumpkin puree
b. Quarter cup of vanilla milk without sweetener
c. A tablespoon of vanilla protein powder
d. Roasted Almond butter around 2 tablespoon.
e. 2 tablespoon of sweetener preferably English Toffee flavor
f. Maple flavor around 2 tablespoon
g. Pumpkin pie spice around 1 tablespoon
h. Salt as per taste
i. Organic firm Tofu
1. Rinse and dry the Tofu nicely, ensure it is completely dry. Now put the tofu in the blender to mix it nicely.
2. Take all the ingredients and put it them with tofu in the blender and mix it nicely. You can add sweetener and salt as per the taste.
3. Pour the mixture into serving bowls and refrigerate for some time to let it settle.
4. Serve chilled
6. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein Bars
What if you can make dough bars without any baking? It would be great right? Yes today we will discuss about dough bars which are full of proteins and can be prepared simply at home. The best part of these cookies is that it can be stored for around a week in tight containers or can be kept for a month at least if kept in freezers.

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a. Coconut flour around 6 tablespoon
b. Protein powder around 6 tablespoon
c. Salt as per taste
d. Melted coconut oil around half tablespoon
e. Vanilla almond milk without sweet around 9 tablespoon
f. 1 and half tablespoon of vanilla extract
g. 3 tablespoon of Truvia
h. Sweet leaf powdered sweetener around 2 tablespoon
i. Chocolate chips around 2 tablespoon
1. Prepare a loaf pan with aluminum paper or parchment paper.
2. Take a small bowl and mix all the dry ingredients like coconut flour, protein powder and salt. Keep the mixture separate.
3. Take another bowl and mix coconut oil, almond milk and vanilla mix together. Add Truvia and Sweet Leaf together unless the mixture is not completely even.  Add the flour mixture and chocolate chips nice
and slowly.
4. Now take the pan and pour the dough prepared and press the mixture to the bottom. Gently press the chocolate chips on the top of it. Keep this mixture for at least 2 hours.  Then you can take out the cake and slice it into bars. Now depending on your requirement it can be store in air tight containers or in freezers.
You can definitely select any other sweeteners other than Truvia and Sweet Leaf, if they not available. The only thing is the volume of sweetener may differ so you need to taste it in between to get the desired taste. However, by changing the amount of coconut flour you can always control the sweet taste of your bars.
Above mentioned are the seven best recipes that can be followed to prepare deserts during your Christmas holidays to impress your loved ones, friends or family members.
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