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6 Weight Management Tricks That Works If No Diet Plan Helps

Written By Jyoti Jaswal

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Over the years, you might have heard a lot of weird weight loss advice, whether it is to replace your meals with the meal replacement shake or to drink celery juice every day at breakfast and nothing else. And such weird weight loss foods, or weight loss tips are often given by people who don’t have any health expertise. 

With lots of misguided weight gain diet and weight gain foods advice out there, it can be difficult to even find the research-backed, legitimate weight loss tips. And the people who are following fat loss diet but see no progress then it is obvious to get disappointed and which led them to stop leading a healthy lifestyle. 

Here in this article, you will find scientifically proven weight management tips that can help you maintain an ideal weight. 

1. Try Weight Training

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No matter which diet you follow, it is very important to keep the level of your metabolism high, which you can achieve from doing weight training. Cardio workouts are perfect for weight and fat loss, but they are not that effective for your metabolism. Weight training makes your metabolism faster and doesn’t let your bodies switch to the mode of low energy consumption. But make sure you eat some protein post-workout as it will keep your muscles stronger, and you won’t get any extra fat. 

2. Keep Changing Your Calorific Value In A Week

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Our bodies are so smart that they adjust to smaller amounts of food when you are on a diet, and cut down the energy consumption, conserving the extra kilos in case the body doesn’t get any food. And when you eat fewer calories, your body understands that it was the right decision. To trick the body, try caloric cycles. In a week for two days, eat around at least 1000 or 1200 kcal with no carbs, and the rest of the days, consume 1500 kcal. This will maintain the great metabolism levels and creates the necessary calorie deficit. 

3. Keep Changing Your Exercise Program 

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The human body adapts to the workout or exercise you do. So, after following the same workout routine for weight loss exercise for several weeks, the progress will slow down. The right thing to do is once every 45 days, change your workout regimen. There are various options: change out pilates for yoga, train new muscles, do new workouts that you have not done before and change weights. 

4. Include More Vegetables & Protein In Your Diet

Your diet should consist of carbohydrates, fiber and protein. Increasing the intake of protein and fiber makes you feel full for a longer period and increases your metabolism. Simple carbohydrates and too much carbs can increase insulin levels which makes you hungry. So, if you are planning to maintain your weight, eat the protein, fiber and complex carbs in the right proportion. Along with this, you can also include apple cider vinegar for weight loss.  

5. Eat Delicious Food 

If an individual has not eaten anything delicious for a long term, then the brain starts sending the message to eat something unhealthy like a biscuit, chocolate, samosas, patties, or any junk food that you like. It is recommended to include small portions of your favourite foods once in a while. It will help you not to lose control and interrupt your diet. Also, avoid indulging in high calorie foods.

6. Follow A Proper Sleeping Routine 

Losing weight in a healthy way while not having a good sleep is impossible. There are various reasons but the main reason is if you don’t sleep properly, your body remains stress which can make you feel hungry often and sabotage your metabolism. So make sure to sleep at the same time and wake up at the same time, this will not only lose weight but is good for your overall good health. Have you tried any of these tips? How was your experience? Do you want to share any weight loss tips or exercise to lose belly fat that you found effective? Feel free to share with us in the comment section below.

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