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7 Secret Ways to Satisfy Women During Sex

Written By Rima

satisfy women

Be it a man or a woman, a satisfying sex life is important because that leads to a happy life, reduction of stress, improved heart health, and improved immunity. And when it comes to sexual intercourses, there are many things to be taken into consideration. “Pleasure” is one of those prime things. But seeking her consent comes even before that. Once you get her consent to have sex with her, you then have to calculate how can you satisfy her. And the best way to do that is to know her well about her choices, secret desires, etc.

Having said that don’t worry if she isn’t impressed at the first go because there’s always room for improvement. And after first sex, the window for discussions regarding special choices or preferences does open up naturally. To know how to satisfy women and improve heat between the sheets, read below:-

Know her likes and dislikes in the bedroom

what women likes in bed

For her to enjoy sex as much as you do, take notes on what all she would like in the bedroom. From candles to certain fairy lights to rose petals to room fresheners, there are many mood settings that she may like. You can also include some cheese, hazelnut, and champagne if she likes them. Apart from these aesthetics, you also must know which position she prefers the most. Discuss these things either before your date or casually while initiating the kiss or cuddling. Some may feel charged up with a passionate rumba dance while some may prefer to listen to a piece of particular music during sex. Adhere to all these things if you want to know how to satisfy a woman in bed.

Help her focus at the moment forgetting about the bad day 

Console women in bed

As she enters the home, ask her how was her day. If she had a rough day, help her forget the bad highlights of the day. You can give her a nice neck message and then prepare a bubble bath for her to shed her stress. That way she will be able to focus on the present moment and get all charged up to spend a nice time with you. This alignment of the mind from an irritated one to a soothing one is important to enjoy sex. She will also gain more confidence about opening up to you and sharing the nitty-gritty details. This helps you further to have enjoyable sex.

Let her know that she holds a beautiful body to promote body positivity

body positivity during sex

Many women from around the world suffer from unsatisfactory sex life more because of their made-up image about a certain body. Pop culture has popularized a certain type of body and thus women can suffer from low self-esteem or lack of confidence with their body parts. If you sense that in your woman, then your job is to make her feel comfortable. Once she is comforted by you, she will feel safer around you and that will help in pleasurable sex. A positive body image can enhance confidence and that’s the key to enjoy sex. Those few extra pounds, stretch marks, C-section, a scar from surgery – all these things should not impede enjoying sex. So, to satisfy women in bed, you need to appreciate the way she is. Period!

Connection is important

connection during sex

Even in this time of “right swipes” also you can feel this difference. If you happen to know someone with whom you share a beautiful emotional bonding, then there’s more chance of you to enjoy sex with her compared to the one you met for the sole purpose of having sex. If you are looking up for an answer to “how to satisfy a woman sexually?”, then make sure you have woven an emotional bond with her first.

Feel free to discuss sex

discuss sex

When you do this, your woman also gains confidence knowing what she is walking into. There are various things to discuss like – does she like phone sex, is she comfortable with bathroom sex, would she be comfortable with a certain position you want to try, etc. Know her psychology around sex by talking freely about it. You may also discuss things like how can you improve your sexual life. You will find all your answers to “how long does it take to satisfy a woman in bed?”, or “what happens when a woman is not satisfied?” yourself with a healthy and lengthy discussion about your sex life with her.

Address sexual health

Sexual health STD

Safety in sex must come before satisfaction. Before you engage in an intimate physical activity, you must get tested for any STDs. Also, you must openly say to her about all your previous sexual partners and your preference for birth control measures. This way she will know your sexual history and become more confident to share hers too.

Introduce her to new products for more sexual pleasure

sex toys

The market is full of sex toys. And if you think that sex toys are elements of satisfaction for single people, then you are probably wrong. This is a large market where experts experiment daily about various ways to make “sex” more pleasurable to cater to people of varied tastes. Many sex toys are there that are aimed at promoting more pleasure when two people are engaged in the act of sex. Even experienced doctors recommend couples to use sex toys that they can both agree on to make the sex life more adventurous and pleasurable. Double vibrating rabbit cock ring, couples vibrator, foreplay dice, point vibrator, etc. are just to name a few. Do your research and discuss with your woman and aim for woman satisfaction easily.

Always remember that every woman is different and thus whatever you have read or watched so far in pop culture media may not always work in your case. So, give some time and read her well.

FAQ’s: –

How to satisfy a woman in 60 seconds?

The answer is you cannot satisfy a woman in 60 seconds because you are not ice cream or french fries. Don’t give yourself a strange time limit to satisfy a woman. And to be honest, no woman would be so charged up for a 60-seconds game. Play your game in a full-fledged manner, start with a passionate kiss, slide into cuddling, nice massage, some expert-level fingering techniques, and then engage in sex. So, all of this may take 2 hours to a full day depending on the woman. Last but not the least, always remember that your trust, loyalty, love, and respect will always be more important in satisfying her. So, once you have excelled in these departments, then pleasing her sexually won’t be much of a problem.

What happens when a woman is not sexually satisfied?

Sexual satisfaction holds an important role in a relationship. And that counts both man and a woman. You cannot single out only women here. If sexually not satisfied, both men and women tend to become stressed, anxious, may suffer from low self-esteem, etc. In some cases, they may also suffer from worthlessness.

How many rounds can satisfy a woman?

Well, quality counts more than quantity. Having said that it will also vary from woman to woman and that’s why there cannot be any specific answer to this question. Some may like 2-3 rounds while some are ok with just one. Have a word with your woman in this case.

How long does it take to satisfy a woman in bed?

To satisfy a woman in bed may include everything from kissing to foreplay to cuddling to having intercourse. If you are searching for an answer for only intercourse, i.e., how long does it take a woman to enjoy pleasurable sex after your penis is inside her vagina, then 3-7 minutes is considered adequate. Lasting for 10 minutes is also an achievement but more than 15-30 minutes is quoted as “too long”.

How to satisfy a woman with hands?

To know the answer to this question, you must be first aware of the erogenous regions in a woman’s body like her neck, lips, ears, lower stomach, navel, inner armpits, clitoris, g-spot, etc. Use your hand for gentle to teasing massage in these regions to satisfy a woman.

What happens when a woman is sexually satisfied?

A sexually satisfied woman is happy, healthy, and perhaps open to more sexual pleasures.

Why is it difficult to satisfy a woman?

This is a myth that satisfying a woman is difficult. Every woman comes with her set of sexual choices and if you can deliver according to her preferences, then it’s an easy road otherwise not. But that doesn’t entail that it is difficult to satisfy a woman. Read the blog above and know the easy ways to satisfy a woman sexually.

How to know a woman is satisfied or not?

If you can make her orgasm well, then you can be sure that your woman is satisfied with the sex. How do you know that? She will moan with pleasure and want more sex. Also, she will be happier with satisfying sex.

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