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7 Ways to Add Protein to Your Diet

Written By Urja

7 Ways To Add Protein To Your Diet

When it comes to weight loss, it’s simple science! This is why it has to be extremely personal. Expedite the progress of weight loss or simply staying fit and healthy by looking for myriad ways to add protein to your diet!

When you are going for a calorie deficit for weight loss, high protein foods do not just prevent muscle loss but also make weight loss more effective. An average weighing person of about 65-70 kg needs about 140 g of protein daily. According to a study, if the need for 0.8 grams of protein per each kilogram of body weight per day, is increased to 1.8-2 grams, combined with a regular exercise program, it can be highly conducive to loss of body fat!

Once protein levels in the body go up, the carb-filled snacks would automatically take a back seat, and so would the extra sugars which were so unneeded. This is helpful in more ways that you could imagine. A steady influx of sugar into the body promotes the release of the fat-storage hormone insulin. But when its an outpouring of protein and fiber, the insulin reaction to carbohydrates slows down. No wonder then that weight loss diets have a sufficient dose of protein prescribed by nutritionists!

7 ways to add more protein to your meal is not just easy, but also highly beneficial when it becomes a habit. While restricting calories, this almost has magical effects. The best part is that protein is readily available in many food items that we don’t know of. Without spending a bomb and with a little bit of effort and knowledge, you can increase your protein intake in these 7 easy ways.

They may be the building blocks of life, but procuring them is easy! The good stuff was right there in your kitchen all this while and you had been walking past it. We have compiled a special list of high protein foods for every meal that you won’t just have to, but would love to include in your meals!

Protein Supplements
Prepare an exciting muscle building smoothie by mixing it with a dollop of your favorite protein powder. Whey protein benefits are manifold, one of which is minimal side effects along with a high protein value. Smoothies or meal replacement shakes are a good source of protein in themselves. Just make sure you add berries, yogurt and some greens into your morning delight and your breakfast is complete with proteins, anti-oxidants, fiber and carbs all grinded together!

Go nuts with nuts. Although high in calories, nuts are the easiest way to add that punch of protein whether you have them as they are or garnish your favorite smoothies with them. While almonds contain a good six grams of protein per one ounce serving, cashews take the second position with five grams per one ounce handful. Pistachios and walnuts have been used as items for garnishing for long but we can bet you had little idea about their nutritional value!

Theoretically, six grams of protein make an egg. But the larger picture is even better. Eggs are low on carbs, high in protein content and rich in omega-3s, helpful in lowering cholesterol levels. In short, they are nothing short of little pieces of heaven. Doctors have prescribed eggs in boosting muscle strength since ages now. So go ahead, don’t mess with the classics!

Milk and Milk Products
Milk is always a winner when it comes to its nutritional value, especially its protein content. Milk products like yogurt, buttermilk, cottage cheese are not just great to increase protein in daily diet but bring some flavor in as well. Top off your pasta or whole wheat bread with cheese flakes and make it more delicious and wholesome. 

Try different kind of meats and mix them in your palette. Prefer lean chicken pieces which are not loaded on calories and cholesterol like red meats are. Beef too would bring a different flavor with it!

Seeds are not just a good source of protein but some kinds of necessary unsaturated fats as well. Try to incorporate flax seeds or pumpkin seeds in your diet. Chia seeds are not just abounding in good old protein but heady amounts of fiber, vitamins, calcium and magnesium also. Try to sprinkle them over salads, oatmeal, cereals and what not!

Boost flavor while you add in a healthy dose of protein with red, kidney, pinto or black beans. Just boil some rajma and pack it as a snack for office the next day. Soybeans are also tasty, healthy and protein rich. Bring some variation with other soy products like soy milk and tofu!

We cant stress enough on the fact that eating enough of vegetables and fruits along with the meals you’re consuming is always a good idea. Not only would you be getting a healthy supply of all the macro-nutrients like fats, carbs and protein but also micro nutrients-the ever so important vitamins and minerals. There are numerous  ways to add protein in your diet, but you need to shortlist the ones that prove to be the most fruitful for you. Choose spinach or broccoli as your choice of greens. Have cereal or oatmeal for breakfast with low-fat milk. The best part of it all are the number of concoctions you can prepare so that you don’t just feel full and eat healthy but also bid goodbye to that ugly paunch you so detested! One of the probable reasons why you’re not getting ripped is that your diet lacks enough protein. Fitness enthusiasts can grab many new bodybuilding supplements for some fast-forward and heavy dosage of this all-important nutrient. Each one of us has a little chef hidden inside of us. So why don’t you wrack that side of yours and up the protein ante in your life?

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