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9 Tips to Stay Healthy During Coronavirus Lockdown

Written By Jyoti Jaswal

Tips to stay healthy during coronavirus lockdown

Coronavirus infection is real! It is not some monster from your bad dream that will vanish when you wake up. So, please stay at home during lockdown. Yes, it will expose you to boredom, you may even feel sluggish and miserable. But it is the right time to prove yourself as a responsible person and a caring citizen. Also, don’t let your smile fade, as there are a lot of healthy things you can do while you stay at home during coronavirus lockdown without getting bored. You can follow some of these  proven tips to stay healthy

  1. Focus On Your Breath: Breathing is one of the best ways to stay healthy. Now probably, you are wondering what is a big deal in that. Whenever you are in a tense situation or having a panic attack what is told you to do. Breath ! Right. It relaxes you instantly.  Actually, due to our unhealthy lifestyle we have forgotten to breathe properly. Usually most of us ended up breathing from mouth. It is not healthy for you. You must breathe from your nose as it purifies the air. Feel the breath in your belly while inhaling or exhaling.
Focus on your breath
  1. Reinvent Yourself: Lockdown has not only come with odds but there is a silver lining to reinvent yourself. For mental well beingness, you have meditation, indoor games, cooking, drawing, and  other recreational activities. It is one of the  best tips to stay healthy and will add up to your skills and fill you with happiness. You know how much dopamine hits, once you will successfully reinvent yourself. Dopamine is responsible for your heart strength, good blood flow, and better immunity.
Reinvent Yourself
  1. Boost Your Immunity: Maybe you are wondering how we can boost our immunity at once as it is a time taking process. Right. But how many of us have strived for it before. Very few I guess. If I ask why? Your most probable answer would be I didn’t get time. Well it is the best time to start. But how to boost immunity? Include a healthy and balanced diet in your daily life. Make your plate as colorful as you can. All kinds of vegetables including tomato, red capcicum, yellow capcicum, cucumber, green vegetables, and many others. Get all the nutrients necessary to boost immunity.
Boost immunity
  1. Exercise: Exercise is one of the most important healthy lifestyle tips one can give you. But guys, we are not in a normal world today.  We are locked down due to Coronavirus infection that attacks directly on our immune system. So, we must not give that virus a chance. Most of you know that while training hard in the gym, we lose our nutrients which are necessary to boost immunity. But that doesn’t mean we have to avoid exercise. Pick your exercise with your brain. Do yoga, tabata, stretching, meditation, or other exercises which don’t require your extra sweat.
  1. Sound Sleep: Sleep is very important to feel your body refreshed and active for another day. Your body repairs muscles, clears toxins, boosts memory, and does other important functions while sleeping. Sleep deprivation can lead to several ill impacts on your body as well as brain. So, sleeping like a baby can prove to be the most effective tips for being healthy.
  1. Connect With Your Friends and Family: It is the time when we need our friends and family more than ever before. Social distancing because of coronavirus infection is necessary but we can get in touch with our friends and family via social media and video calling. We can support each other and can create an atmosphere of no fear by spreading positivity. 
  1. Pay Respect: Pay respect to those who are out there helping us to stay safe without caring about their interests. This sense of gratitude is good for our mental health.
  1. Spread Awareness: The world is facing a great problem of fake news. Help people to get the right information who are not as privileged as you are. Invest your time to collect the right information about coronavirus infection and safety measures. And spread awareness. Tell your beloved ones to follow the given instructions and tips to stay healthy while flying by authority. 
  1. Adopt Healthy Habits: Avoid touching your face so frequently. Clean your foods with apple cider vinegar before eating or cooking. Wash your hands frequently. Clean your belongings. Use sanitizer frequently. Take a bath with antibacterial liquid or soap. Including these habits in your life are the  best ways to stay healthy.

These are 9 tips for good health that must be followed by everyone. Yes, we are locked down due to coronavirus infection, but we should strive to look out for the silver linings in these odds. 

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