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Mother’s Day: Fitness Journey of Popular Indian Celebrity Moms

Mother's Day

But even in the spotlight, several celebrity moms in India are proving that motherhood and fitness can coexist. From weekly yoga sessions to careful diets, here’s a look at how some of our favourite Indian celebrity moms are keeping it fit post delivery with their workout routines.

These inspirational women are making us rethink how we view motherhood: it’s not just about taking care of the ones you love — it’s also about taking care of yourself so that you can be there for them. 

Celebrating Fit Celebrity Moms This Mother’s Day

Whether you’re a mom already or just starting out on your parenting journey, let these stories motivate you to stay strong and healthy for a lifetime of joy with your family.

1. Kareena Kapoor Khan: Staying Fit During and After Pregnancy

Kareena Kapoor Khan is a perfect example of how Indian celebrity moms keep themselves fit and healthy. When she was expecting her first child, Kareena continued to exercise and stay active during her pregnancy. She shared her workout regimes with her fans and stayed motivated while encouraging other mothers-to-be.

Despite having little time between shooting schedules, Kareena was able to keep herself in shape with a combination of yoga, Pilates and strength exercises. She also monitored what she ate and made sure to maintain a balanced diet without cutting down on the essential nutrients for her and her baby’s health.

Kareena adopted an even more intense workout routine once she delivered her son Taimur. To regain her pre-pregnancy figure, Kareena’s routine included strength training (3 days per week), aerobics (2 days per week), boxing (2 days per week), and cycling (1 day per week). 

Her consistent hard work has paid off, as the actress looks fitter than ever. This is a great example of how Indian celebrity mothers can keep themselves in shape despite having busy lifestyles!

2. Shilpa Shetty Kundra: Yoga and Healthy Eating as a New Mom

Popular Indian celebrity mom Shilpa Shetty Kundra is a mother of two and an avid yogi. After the birth of her first child Viaan, she transformed her diet and lifestyle, leading to her now iconic “size zero” figure.

What’s her secret? Shetty credits yoga for helping her stay fit and healthy, even as a busy mom. Shetty also recommends being mindful about what you eat: eating organic, home-cooked meals instead of processed junk food. Her top choice for comfort food? A plate of aloo paratha with yoghurt.

Shetty also advises making fitness fun and finding something that you love doing. You could sign up for classes that teach dance or martial arts or try something unusual like aerial yoga or pole fitness. Whatever the activity, make sure you do it regularly to keep consistent and reap amazing rewards!

3. Malaika Arora: Dance and Yoga to Get Back in Shape Post-Pregnancy

Malaika Arora is an example of a celebrity mom who’s keeping fit despite her busy schedule. After giving birth to her son Arhaan, she tried many things like swimming, Pilates, weights, and resistance bands—but yoga and dance ultimately gave her the best results.

For Malaika, practising regularly makes the biggest difference in terms of keeping fit and feeling energetic. She mixes up her routine with a combination of floor-based core exercises and a lot of stretching, using techniques from both modern and traditional styles of yoga.

On top of that, she makes sure to also give herself time to showcase her love for dance. Every now and then, she’ll share snippets of some traditional Bharatanatyam moves or hip-hop choreography on her Instagram feed!

Malaika even shared the secret to achieving fitness: consistency is key. You don’t have to hit the gym seven days a week—all it takes is consistent effort over time to see long-term results. And if you ever get lazy or unmotivated, just give yourself an extra push because some movement is better than none!

4. Neha Dhupia: Walking and Light Exercise in Pregnancy and Beyond

Neha Dhupia has been a fitness inspiration for her fans, even while pregnant! The actress admits she wasn’t a physical fitness enthusiast and became one post-delivery. She started by taking long walks during her pregnancy, which then turned into light exercise and yoga.

Neha’s ultimate goal is to be able to do yoga with her daughter, and she’s been sharing glimpses of all the physical activities they do together on social media.

Neha relies on indoor exercises like wall squats, lunges, and planks when she can’t get outside for a walk or jog. What’s more, her diet has been largely organic ever since she had her daughter. As a vegan dieter, some of the food items that top Neha’s list are sprouts, fruits, and nuts—which are all great for snacking post-exercise!

Here are some of Neha’s fitness tips that you can take inspiration from:

  • Start your fitness journey with something light like walking or swimming.
  • Believe in yourself—you can make anything work with enough dedication and discipline.
  • Balance your diet —include plenty of seasonal veggies in your meals.
  • Always stay hydrated —Staying hydrated helps flush out toxins from the body.

5. Lisa Haydon: Surfing and Swimming to Stay Active During Pregnancy

Let’s talk about Lisa Haydon, a popular Indian actress who stayed fit and healthy during her pregnancy. In an interview with Vogue India, Lisa opened up about her journey and how she kept active throughout her pregnancy.

Lisa found that swimming and surfing was the perfect activity to stay fit while carrying her baby. She said, “I love swimming and surfing—that’s my exercise of choice—so I continued it throughout my pregnancy. I never felt any major discomfort when I was out in the ocean or swimming at the pool other than having to stop every 10 minutes because I needed a breather!”

It was also important for Lisa to stay in tune with her body during her pregnancy. As she said, “It’s all about being aware of your body and being careful of what you can do without putting too much strain on yourself. At the end of the day, it’s different for everyone depending on their own bodies and their doctor’s advice.” This thoughtfulness is something we can all learn from and appreciate!

6. Celina Jaitley: Importance of Rest and Nutrition for New Moms

When it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle and setting an example for moms-to-be, Celina Jaitly is one of the top Indian celebrity moms. The former beauty queen, who became a mother of twins in 2012 and a mother of three boys in 2017, believes in the importance of rest and nutrition for new moms.

Taking time out for self-care is at the centre of Celina’s fitness journey. After her third child arrived, Celina made sure to give her body the time it needed to recover from the pregnancy before she aimed to get back into a fitness routine. She strongly emphasises that this is an essential step that should not be skipped – no matter how difficult it might be!

Once she felt ready, Celina began practising yoga regularly. For her, yoga isn’t just about getting fit but also taking care of her mental well-being by meditating and practising mindfulness. To stay energised throughout the day and maximise her workout efficiency, Celina follows a diet packed with fruits and vegetables as well as protein sources like paneer or chicken to help build lean muscle mass.

Celina’s story proves that taking care of your health doesn’t have to mean spending hours in the gym every day or restricting yourself from certain foods – all you need is dedication and consistency!


Mother’s Day is about celebrating the amazing, powerful, and inspirational women in our lives—including those who took their fitness journeys to the next level. The example set by celebrity Indian moms in staying fit during and after pregnancy is something we can all find motivation from.

No matter where you are in your fitness journey, take this Mother’s Day to reflect on how far you have come and how much further you can go. 

Remember that any progress, no matter how small, is something to celebrate. Whether it’s taking the stairs instead of the lift, or motivating yourself to eat a healthy breakfast every day, being consistent is what will make a difference. 

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