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9 ways to burn stubborn belly fat

Are you tired of living with a midriff that jiggles like jelly each time you move your body? If you’ve been there and done that with all kinds of age-old methods, then this story is for you. Once you kill that belly fat, you’ll be able to get back your curvaceous body and hopefully wont shy away from that fitted dress.

How to melt fat?

1. Take control of your diet

This is the very first thing you must do. The fat that stays on your tummy is due to overeating or wrong eating habits. So unless you don’t put a full stop on these, even a strenuous exercise regime won’t work.

2. Say goodbye to starchy food

White flour, fried food and high-fructose items are a strict no-no. One of the main reasons of accumulating fat on the belly is eating food rich in trans-fat such as French fries, cheese burgers and fizzy drinks. Avoid them completely if you are really serious about losing some weight and flaunting that hourglass shape to your friends.

3. Flush out the fat

One of the best ways to get rid of body fat is to flush it out by drinking lots and lots of water. Make sure you drink at least 8-10 glasses to detoxify your system every single day.

4. Welcome carbs back in your life

Thinking that a low-carb diet will melt your belly fat? Wrong again! If you really want to burn the calories, you need all your energy to exercise. Carbohydrates and proteins are very important for you, so make sure you include them in your diet to get the energy you need for that run in the evening. Once the body gets energy, it will start breaking up carbohydrates and other accumulated fat for it. And while doing this, proteins will boost your metabolism. This does not mean that you put anything that is in front of you into your mouth. Make a diet chart of the best food items that can give you energy yet help you lose weight and stick to it. No cheating!

5. Include raw veggies

Raw and uncooked food takes time to digest and the body will source energy from within by breaking down the unwanted fat, thus leaving you with a trimmer waistline.

6. Avoid alcohol

Alcohol makes it difficult for the body to burn fats. If you must have it, stick to a glass of wine and tell yourself you can have no more.

7. Start having low-fat dairy products

Two to three helpings every day in the form of cottage cheese (made with reduced fat milk), low-fat yogurt and skimmed milk will help your body get rid of the excess weight.

8. Add protein to your diet

Vegetables like hot peppers and beans are high in protein and help in increasing metabolism of the body. Have a generous helping every day and see the results for yourself.

9. Don’t forget fibre

Multi-grain bread and whole grain cereals are rich in roughage which helps in flushing the waste from the body.

Adopt these simple tips in your daily life and watch that belly fat melt away!

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