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Best Cardio Exercises For Weight Loss

Written By Saurabh Monga

Best Cardio Exercises For Weight Loss

Interested in weight loss? Well, everybody is, but the question is - How to do it? One can do Cardio exercises for weigh loss or can go for Dieting too. But what are the best cardio exercises for weight loss? Let’s Find Out!

Doing cardio exercises for weight loss and staying in shape is a known fact. There are different cardio exercises for fat burning that can be quite helpful in achieving weight loss goals. The caloric deficit, via a cardio exercise, can be a way to lose weight through various cardio exercises.

There are many types of cardio exercises for weight loss. Some cardio exercise can help you lose weight via burning fat over a period of time, while others can effectively burn calories. 

Let’s have a quick look at 3 of the most common and effective cardio exercises for weight loss via effective fat burning.

Running and Cycling

Running on a treadmill is one of the most popular cardio exercises. Always start with a slow walk and slowly increase your speed. Using the incline option can be a good choice too. But always remember to use it with caution keeping in mind your current speed and stamina. Cycling can be done on a gym stationary cycle or even on road. It is a high intensity exercise that can be pretty useful for stripping down unwanted fat. Cycling has a great low impact.
Do not use a damaged or technically faulty or a cheap quality treadmill. Doing any such thing may cause an injury. The duration of your walk should be decided on the fat burning you require to achieve your fitness goals. For example – A person with good lean mass may choose slow walking on treadmill with a shorter running period. Whereas, a beginner bodybuilder looking to burn good number of calories might have to run for a longer duration.  


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Benefits of Running and Cycling:

  • Can burn around 600 calories in an hour
  • Helps improve overall fitness and athletic performance
  • Helps increase metabolic rate for upto 24 hours post running
  • Toning of muscles involved in the process



Looking for a high intensity aerobic activity to eliminate unwanted body fat? Then Rowing is the Right choice!

It is quite understandable most won’t have access to row an actual boat. A professional sportsperson might have the luxury of practice but for others, the rowing machine is what does the job. Rowing is an amazing exercise that can not only help you burn fat but also work on muscles in a great way. A proper rowing workout can help you burn higher number of calories per hour than a common aerobic exercise like running.


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Benefits of Rowing:

  • Can burn around 800 calories in an hour
  • High intensity total body workout
  • Improves fitness and athletic performance
  • Can burn higher calories than any other common cardio exercise

Jumping Rope

Like running, the best thing about jumping rope is that it is a completely cost effective. If you are only looking to burn fat and are on a tight budget, then pair rope skipping with your morning jogging and you are good to go. 

It can also be a great way to start your gym workout with an excellent warm up. We saw how before, how rowing is a good way to burn high number of calories. Well, guess what? – Jumping Rope can aid weight loss by burning even higher number of calories than rowing can. Jumping Rope, though looks easy, can be one of the hardest exercises for burning fat. One needs to perform this exercise the right way. And doing it the right way requires considerable amount of focus, stamina and strength. It is a high impact cardio but requires good skills to perform correctly.

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Benefits of Jumping Rope: 

  • Can burn upto 1000 calories in an hour
  • Works on toning of calf and shoulder muscles
  • Improves stamina and strength that are immensely useful in sports like boxing.

Cardio for weight loss is a popular activity and suitable for a wide range of age groups. All one needs to take care is that the exercises are done as per weight loss requirement and current body condition. 
One must consider his/her medical conditions like blood pressure, asthma, heart conditions etc. that might adversely get affected. The best way to ensure good weight loss results is to do cardio exercises in a correct and controlled manner. 



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