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Best Exercises for Building Great Upper Body

Written By Puneet

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With so many exercises to choose from, we recommend these three exercises to strengthen your upper body

Overhead press is said to be one of the best exercise to develop delts. With this, you’ll also work on your triceps. To do this upper body exercise, make sure that you aren’t performing a push press which means don’t bend your knes and push the weight right up. If you do so, you’ll be targeting your legs rather than the inteded delts.

There is no exercise like a dead lift. This one adds slabs of meat to your back, making it excellent for back development. It works on nearly every muscle of the body and is one of the best exercise for upper body strength. It spikes hormonal response, resulting in mass body building.

Every bodybuilders’ favorite exercise for upper body , the bench press is a core part of any chest workout routine. It is highly effective for muscle building because you get to use weight as compared to any other upper body exercise. 

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