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Best Morning Routine to Lose Weight

Morning Routine to Lose Weight
Best Morning Habits for Weight Loss

Often, we complain that no matter how much we control our diet and do regular workouts, we cannot lose weight. It is time to face the reality — if you genuinely need results, you need to set the right tone for the whole day with a healthy morning habit for weight loss.  

The whole process of losing weight and maintaining it at the same level is the most arduous task. Being disciplined and setting a routine will enhance your efforts to reach the goal by helping you eat right and motivating you with some morning exercises for weight loss. 

Best Morning Habits for Weight Loss

Here are a few habits that you must practise as you kickstart the day feeling energised by creating an effective morning ritual for weightloss. When indulged in consistently, these habits form an unmissable part of your morning routine to lose weight. Take a look:

1. Check your weight

Hitting the weighing scale should be a regular morning routine for losing weight.  Do this immediately after you use the washroom. Checking your weight regularly will keep you motivated and will build a healthy restraint for food intake. Individuals who check their weight regularly have a controlled calorie intake. You tend to develop healthy habits when you weigh yourself regularly, which boosts weight loss. 

2. Hydrate yourself

Starting the day with a glass of water can be quite fulfilling. Drinking plenty of water can reduce the consumption of food by curbing appetite. Studies have revealed that some individuals were able to reduce weight just by increasing the consumption of water. 

Hydrating yourself at the start of the day can be the key to robust health. A glass of water early in the morning helps to detox your body. It can keep you energised and make you feel fresh throughout. So, jumpstart your day with a glass of water. Drinking a glass of warm water with a dash of lemon and honey can prove to be a good morning routine to lose weight. Starting the day with a glass of water will have the optimum effect in terms of weight loss and can be the best morning habit for weight loss.

3.  Regular workouts 

If you want to rise and shine, you will have to be pepped up. Morning exercise for weight loss can help you feel energised. Plan a morning workout for weightloss and make it a point to exercise before breakfast. A regular workout session boosts metabolism and burns out calories while regulating blood sugar levels. Your workout schedule could be a morning walk, yoga, or a 20-minute training session.

Fitness experts have noted that individuals who exercise in the morning deal with less hunger pangs than those who exercise in the latter part of the day. Regulated blood sugar levels could be one of the reasons. Morning workouts can thus reduce food intake and help in weight loss. Morning exercise for weight loss will surely help you lead a healthy life.

4. Meditate

A healthy mind is as essential as a healthy body. Before indulging with your phone, spare some time to meditate. Meditation can help you stay calm and stress-free throughout the day. Meditate and increase productivity with good focus and memory. Meditation as a habit will help develop healthy eating habits. So it is most recommended to include meditation as a part of your health morning routine for weight loss

5. Have a protein-rich breakfast

Proteins are the building blocks of the body that help strengthen bones, muscles, and cartilages. Proteins also play a vital role in repairing muscles and tissues. If your morning workout for weight loss comprises strenuous training, then protein intake is a must for recovery after a rigorous workout. A protein- rich breakfast curbs appetite and helps in restraining calorie intake throughout the day. It also prevents muscle loss and helps in building lean muscle. 

6. Sunbathe for a dash of Vitamin D 

Exposure to sunlight for at least 10 to 15 minutes can contribute towards weight loss. The fact that the morning sunlight can help you trim your waistline can be most motivating. Vitamin D derived from the morning sunlight can help improve bone health while aiding in weight loss. You get a double benefit when you expose yourself to the sunlight early in the morning. You can either have your cup of coffee sitting out in the sun, perform your morning exercise for weight loss in the open, or simply go for a morning walk out in the sun.

7. Plan and pack your meal 

While morning exercise for weight loss is important to keep you fit, planning a healthy meal is equally important for a healthy life. You should be prepared when a hunger pang hits you. Else, you would be tempted to indulge in whatever is available. Plan a healthy meal and make it a point to pack your lunch every day. This dedicated healthy food habit will enhance the weight loss pace. Eating home food on a regular basis reduced the risk of obesity owing to improved diet quality.

8. Change the mode of commuting

While driving to your workplace is the easiest way to commute, it is not the best thing for weight loss. Riding a bike or walking to your workplace would be the best option if you aim to keep fit. The other option would be using public transport.

9.  Monitor food intake

Recording your calorie intake starting from the first meal of the day can be the best habit to ensure effective weight management. Make a note of every intake, including what you drink. Feeling accountable is the key to achieving your goal.


Inculcating a morning routine for a healthy life is a journey.  It has to be done slowly but consistently. A morning workout for weight loss is emphasised but the fact is – it is not adequate to burn those calories to shed the extra pounds. The tips mentioned above will serve as a guide to long-term weight management. Afterall, A healthy lifestyle is not easy unless it becomes a habit.

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