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Top 4 Cardio Exercises for Fat Burning

Cardio is necessary if you want to get ripped. But what kind of cardio? Are there different cardio exercises for weight loss for men and women? We bring you our Top 4 cardio exercises for effective fat burning.


Cardio is divided into two categories, Low Intensity Steady State (LISS) and High Intensity Steady State (HIIT). Whilst LISS might burn more fat over a duration of time, HIIT effectively burns more calories and thus a variety of cardio exercises for fat loss is the way to go. Essentially cardio can help you to get to a caloric deficit and this is one of the ways to lose fat through cardiovascular exercises.

4. Recumbent Bike

The recumbent bike is at number 4, because it gives you the bare minimum exercise that you would need. This is because only your legs are moving whilst half of your body is stationary. Do this exercise only as a last option and/or when you are completly exhausted. Remember to not do this slowly whilst reading a book because that is just not effective. Crank up the resistance and sweat it out! I would advise you to do HIIT on this to make this machine effective. Use a fat burner to increase your chances of maximizing your caloric deficit.

3. Elliptical 

The elliptical is highly effective as a fat burning cardio workout but it is also an awkward movement since it doesn’t imitate a human movement. Nonetheless doing LISS after a full body workout will not be as useful as HIIT. A top cardio tip to burn fat is by going 15 seconds full intensity and 45 seconds moderate intensity for a total of 15-20 minutes. 

2. Running/Treadmill

What we must understand here is that plain running, be it on the treadmill or outdoors will have a higher caloric expenditure compared to most cardio machines. Thus the treadmill is not only a great and popular cardio exercise for women but also should be used in moderation. Doing too little, i.e. walking at a slow pace on an incline is only recommended to advanced level bodybuilders with significant lean mass, although this can cause muscle loss for extended periods of time. High intensity sprints on the other hand not only work brilliantly to eliminate the fat, but will actually contribute to your muscle growth. Hence not only is this a cardio exercise for a flat tummy but given strategic sprinting this would be a fantastic cardio exercise for abs.

1. Rowing Machine

I know this machine isn’t readily available but it is no doubt extremely effective in fat burning. A full body workout, remember to bring the handle whilst rowing towards your chest area max. Lifting it above your head defeats the purpose other than making people stare at you oddly. This cardio workout for beginners and advanced alike works by propelling your body forward and then rowing your entire body with the handle backwards, to imitate rowing on a boat. You can burn an average of 400-600 calories in an hour which is astounding! Just remember like always to vary the intensity for maximum results as this is surely a top cardio routine.

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