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Breaking Stereotypes: Bani J Diet & Workout Routine

Written By Latika Gupta

Bani J Diet and Workout

Despite being controversy’s favorite child, Bani J has managed to carve a niche for herself in the entertainment world. Her super sculpted body has become inspiration for many. Here is a look at Bani J diet & workout that keeps her going.

VJ Bani aka Gurbani Judge looks nothing like what she used to during her Roadies Season 4 days. The quirky badass roadie has now transformed herself into the sculpted muscular goddess. Her extreme makeover combined with her trendsetting piercing and a lot of tattoos has made her the hottest talk of the town. 

There will hardly be anyone who has missed her muscles and those hot abs. But do you think getting into that sculpted look was a cake walk for her? Well, not really, she has undergone a tremendous diet and lifestyle change to look the way she is now. No doubt that she has become the inspiration for all the woman who craved to have a physique like her but was bounded by the societal stereotypes of women being in a certain kind of fit, less muscular shape only. 

The TV actress never misses her workout and is quite strict with her diet. She believes in giving 100 percent to the fitness despite her hectic schedule. 

We bring you a brief snapshot of Bani J’s workout and diet routine followed by her 5 point fitness mantra to get motivated for a fitter you. 

Bani J Workout Routine 

Bani J’s workout is the key to her fitness and body to die for. She never hesitates in experimenting with her fitness routine. She loves lifting weights in the gym, which are usually considered out of reach for women. She is never hesitant of growing muscles and simply loves the way her body has taken shape post her transformation. 

This inspiring video of her daily workout routine will surely give you some motivation. 

Bani J Diet Plan

Unlike other bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts, Bani J is not a pesky eater but her diet regimen can definitely be classified as strict dictator diet. 

Her basic daily diet includes a handful of ingredients and there are hardly any instances in which she deters from her strict diet regiment. Once she is back from the gym in the morning, her breakfast includes oats, whey protein supplement shake, and fruits in the form of strawberries and blueberries. 

She follows a strict six meals a day plan, wherein she ensures that once she had her first three meals she hit the gym soon after. However, her six meal diet is not based on dal-chawal-roti only. 

For greens in her diet, she relies on broccoli, beans, zucchini, and asparagus. The main sources of carbohydrates in her diet remain sweet potatoes, brown rice, and oats and for proteins, she relies on eggs, chicken and fish. 

But, she never ruled out a chance of cheat meal or treating herself once in while. She eats salmon when she feels like treating herself and binges on a piece of cake to satiate her taste buds. A small pizza or some Chinese delicacy of her choice also make to her list of eating options once in a week. 

She also supplements her daily water intake with BCAA to promote muscle growth and prevent fatigue after rigorous workout routine. 

Image Source: www.gleejar.com

5 Point Fitness Mantra Of Bani J

The major transformation Bani J has gone is not only the result of her hard work in the gym. It also involves a lot of discipline in her diet and lifestyle that helped her achieve this fab muscular body. Her 5 point fitness mantra is here to help you get the sculpted physique like her:

Water: She believes in keeping herself hydrated. Water provides oxygen required by the muscles to soothe pain after a heavy workout. 

Caffeine: She gives equal importance to her pre and post workout diet and coffee makes an impeccable part of her pre-workout diet. Caffeine boosts metabolism that helps in shedding extra calories during a workout. She drinks 2 cups of coffee every day without fail. 

Oats: Bani J is a self-acclaimed oats lover and consumes them for her breakfast almost every day. The fiber rich content of oats helps in lowering bad cholesterol levels in the body. 

Protein: We have already mentioned her strict 6 meals a day diet, which doesn’t depend on ‘ghar ka khana’ only. She prefers taking a protein rich diet and for that consumes fish, chicken, and eggs. For vegetarians, she suggests tofu and paneer as the best sources of protein.

Carbohydrates: Bani J does not believe in going on no carb diet for a fitter body. Instead, she states that carbs are essential for a fit body and she cannot imagine her diet without a daily dose of carbs in the form of sweet potato, brown rice, and oats. 

At the end, she advises her fans and followers to select particular food to include in their diet as per their body goal. Also, once you make the gym and exercise an important part of your lifestyle nothing will be impossible for you to achieve. 

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