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Can Women Lose Weight Without Exercise?

Written By Latika Gupta

Can Women Lose Weight Without Exercise?

Every body wants to lose weight but nobody wants to go for exercising. Does that sound familiar? This is the story of every second women willing to lose weight without exercise. But is it even remotely possible? Lets find out!

For women, staying in shape is utmost priority, as they consider it an obvious sign of beauty and fitness. While some women are blessed with a naturally fit body, some need to work really hard in maintaining their curves. No matter which category you fall in, there are certain things that every women should keep in mind to maintain a healthy body weight, but the problem here is, we women in particular simply hate exercising or we find it difficult to make time for exercising. So is there any way for us to maintain our body weight without exercising? Well the answer to this age old question ‘How to lose weight without exercise’ is that you certainly can, but you need to be very specific and careful about your goal!

Dropping a few pounds doesn’t always need intense workout sessions or a hunger strike. Sometimes, following some simple tips and tricks on daily basis can go a long way in losing weight without exercise.

Keep Yourself Hydrated 

You must have heard this zillion times that how important water is for your health and well being, but has anyone ever told you that water is equally good for your waistline too? Drinking cold water helps in improving your metabolism and when you drink cold water your body will require more energy to warm up the liquid, which means more calories will be burned. Drinking water at regular intervals also keeps you satiated, thus reducing the chances of snacking on empty calories. Hydrating your body before any physical activity promotes the release of muscle building hormones in your body thus improving your strength and metabolism.

No Compromise on Your Beauty Sleep

Several celebrities talk about this go-to beauty secret, which helps them in losing weight and also preventing weight gain, i.e. getting enough sleep. Studies have proved that when we are sleep deprived, we end up eating extra, which means we accumulate calories which are otherwise not required by our body, thus leading to unnecessary fat gain.

Practice Portion Control

We are not asking you to compromise on your favorite dish or completely ditch the dessert you have been craving for long. We are only asking you to practice portion control even if you are not following any particular weight loss diet plan. It is always good to be mindful of what your eating because your mind takes a few minutes to realize that you are full. So be cautious of the serving size you are taking and always eat in small plates that helps you put in less food, thus reducing chances of overeating and packing on extra pounds as well.

Drink Green Tea

A lot has been said so far about the benefits of green tea and weight loss is definitely one among them. After water, green tea is one of the primary metabolism boosters in town that you can rely upon for weight loss without exercise. Drinking green tea regularly gives increase to your metabolism with which you can burn up to 400 extra calories in a week. Along with that, the beverage comes with major antioxidant repository required by our body. So drink it up.

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Take Help Of Your Friends 

A woman always has some friends in her circle pursuing the same weight loss goals as hers, so how about taking their help in moving on that path gradually. Like minded friends will not only support you in your quest to lose weight but will also motivate you to follow better lifestyle choices. Include some sports or a morning walk in your routine, skip calorie laden food as much as possible, etc. are among other lifestyle choices that will make a great contribution to your weight loss journey.

With these simple weight loss tips for women, it is now clear that one can lose weight without exercise only if certain things are kept in mind while heading towards a healthy weight loss goal.

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