Dec 12, 2016
Circuit Workout Guide

Leg Press
Muscle group worked: Quadriceps
1. Lower the safety bars holding the weighted platform in place and press the platform all the way up until your legs are fully extended in front of you and lower the platform while exhaling, your legs making a 90-degree angle.
2. Pushing mainly with the heels of your feet and using the quadriceps go back to the starting position as you exhale. Ensure the safety pins are locked when you finish.

Assisted Pull Ups 
Muscle group worked: Lats
1. Grasp the bar with an overhand grip just outside shoulder width and hang at full arm extension.
2. Keeping your body straight, contract your lats to pull yourself up as high as you can, driving your elbows down. Slowly release to full arm extension.

Mountain Climbers
Muscle group worked: Quadriceps
1. Begin in a push-up position. Alternately, reverse the positions of your legs, extending the bent leg until the leg is straight and supported by the toes.
2. Bring the other foot up with the hip and knee flexed and repeat.

Bench Press Sit Ups
Muscle group worked: Abdominals 
1. Lie down on a bench with a barbell resting on your chest. 
2. While inhaling, tighten your abdominals and glutes. Simultaneously curl your torso as you do when performing a sit-up. Lower your upper body back down to the starting position while breathing in.


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Disclaimer: These videos are for information purposes only. Please consult your trainer or physician before attempting any new exercise.

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