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Build Your Body Like a Mesomorph

Written By Archana

Mesomorph Body Type

It can't get better than having a mesomorph body type, the dream body type of many. Build your body like a mesomorph.

Your Body Type: Mesomorph, Ectomorph & Endomorph

Mesomorph body type is the medium build and such a body type makes ectomorphs and endomorphs envious. Endomorphs are on the heavier side and ectomorphs are thin and lanky ones. Different from both these body types, mesomorphs, the genetically gifted have a naturally lean body.  They neither struggle like the skinny ectomorphs to gain muscle mass nor wage a battle against bulge like endomorphs. Naturally endowed with bigger bones, wider shoulders they put on muscles with ease.  For them, the rule of gymming is simple, lift weights and pack muscles. Born as natural athletes, mesomorphs are usually lean and muscular without trying too hard.


Notable mesomorphs include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone, Halle Berry, and Anna Kournikova. Closer home Hrithik Roshan and Bipasha Basu fall in the category of mesomorphs.

  • Naturally lean
  • Symmetrical build
  • Naturally strong
  • Medium size bones
  • Wide at the shoulders
  • Efficient metabolism
  • Quick to lose weight or gain muscle
  • Respond quickly to exercise

Fitness Goals

No doubt, mesomorphs have an edge in building muscles as compared to ectomorphs and endomorphs. However, their challenge lies in easy weight gain and they need to focus on diet and exercise to remain lean.


The calorie needs of a mesomorph are slightly higher than both the other body types because of the higher muscle ratio. Muscle is a biologically active tissue and requires more calories to maintain. In a mesomorph diet protein needs to be emphasized.


  • Keep carbohydrates at 40-60 percent of your plate
  • Portion meals by balling up your fist in 1 portion size
  • Break meals into 5-6 smaller meals throughout the day
  • Eat enough calories to maintain muscle mass

A sample meal plan for mesomorphs should have three meals and a couple of snacks per day, each containing ample amounts of proteins, carbs, and fats.

Putting it in a simpler way, carbs account for 40-50 percent of the plate, 30 percent will be protein and 20-30 percent will be fat.

Experts recommend that mesomorphs eat five to seven meals a day.  Adequate protein consumption is essential, especially for more active people.

Mesomorphs should consume 1.5g of protein per pound of body weight. They should also eat a higher proportion of carbohydrates to protein


In mesomorph bodybuilding, resistance training is at the core of the training program. 3-4 sets of 6-8 reps with an increasing weight load is required to stimulate your muscles. Try to get pump and start with 3-4 exercises per muscle group.

Mesomorph Workout Training Tips

  • Three weight training sessions per week, one each for chest and arms, back and shoulders and legs
  • Training in the 8-12 repetition rep range
  • 30sec-1 min rest periods between sets
  • Enough cardio to stay lean

For mesomorphs, body weight is just right for resistance training, which means yoga poses works for them. Now, you know how Bipasha Basu sculpted such an enviable body with yoga.

Whereas yoga will not help you bulk up, it will certainly tone your body and give your muscles a sculpted look. However, do either weight lifting or yoga, don’t do both together, as you may risk an injury or overtraining.

You need to work on stimulating your muscles and still stay away from overtraining. Rest and eat well for faster recovery.

Whereas ectomorphs can do away with cardio, mesomorphs can’t. In a mesomorph workout cardio is critical as this body type is vulnerable to weight gain. They should work out, at least 30-45 minutes in a day, three to five times in a week. If the body fat is not much of worry, you can keep the cardio to twice a week. If your goal is to lower body fat, then you should include HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) along with steady cardio to blast that fat.


For this body type, whey protein is a staple supplement. A pre-workout drink before a workout will give the required energy for a long-lasting workout. Try having casein at bedtime to prevent muscle breakdown. Moreover, you can have a high-quality multivitamin and fish oil to boost your immunity.

For mesomorphs, it will be difficult to get the bulk and size of Mr. Universe.  They are better off aiming for strength and reasonable bulk.

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