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Change Cooking Style for Weight Loss

Written By Archana

Weight loss requires commitment. Change your cooking style for success in weight loss.

You are what you eat, most importantly what you don’t.  All those who are on a weight loss diet plan have the goal to reduce fat content in their meals, without compromising on the nutritional quotient. The reason being that a gram of fat has double the calories of a gram of protein. But, don’t go the fat-free way. As most fat-free foods are unappealing to taste. Hence, to enhance taste, most makers add sugar, flour thickeners and salt, which are not good for you. Learn 10 tips to change your cooking techniques to appease your taste buds without gaining weight.

  1. Invest in an air fryer and use it to enjoy snacks without deep frying them.
  2. Substitute deep fry with bake and grill whenever you can. This way you can slash down unnecessary calories.
  3. Learn to cook in less oil. The fundamental rule is that you need to be vigilant in the kitchen while using less oil in your gravies.  Soak dry ground spices in a bit of water for five minutes, before adding to the gravy. You’ll realise that even in less oil you are able to whip a mean curry.
  4. If you are a big fan of  deep fries, swap it with stir fries. The grill route is just perfect for you.
  5.  Exchange the creamy paneer makhni with grilled paneer recipes. In fact, you can substitute thin cream in place of butter. To enhance flavour of the dish, soak five-six almonds in water and grind it along with thin cream.
  6. Learn interesting low calorie recipes, like salads, soups to satisfy hunger pangs without going overboard on calories.
  7. If you must have parathas, spare the oil. You can cook the paratha like the normal chappati and smear a bit of ghee on it. Have it with mint chutney and yoghurt to satisfy your palate. Substitute boiled potato for finely chopped onion to increase the antioxidant advantage in the paratha. For a protein bonanza stuff the paratha with crumbled cottage cheese.
  8. To satisfy your sweet tooth go for recipes that are not deep fried. Like a sandesh will any day have less calories than a mal pua. Two pieces of sandesh has 294 calories and a plate of  rabri mal pua gives you 693 calories. Decide for yourself.
  9. Count calories. Reduce the number of sugar laden cuppas. Go for healthier options like green coconut water, buttermilk instead.
  10. Discover the goodness of steaming foods. Rather cooking the conventional way, steam greens, like french beans, add seasoning of hot oil and spluttered mustard seeds. The result is going to vow you. Similarly, use microwave to cook greens in less oil.

Experiment in your kitchen. Unlearn the old culinary skills  to lower your calorie consumption. Read a lot to pick interesting low cal recipes that can satisfy your palate and is high on the nutritional quotient.

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