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Written By Vidhi Tuteja

Tyre flips extract every ounce of the strength. Know the right technique to succeed.

Tyre flips demand every ounce of the strength you have. Certainly, these tough tyre somersaults are not for newbies. Know the right technique before you attempt these flips. 

Tyre flips are the most recently introduced version of the functional exercises and is finding its way into every common gym goer’s routine. It has been considered a strongman routine for a very long time. The amount of strength and body function involved in just flipping the tyres from one end to another is immense and when the tyres are really heavy, it can be a humbling experience! However, when you do it right the rewards come in the form of a new level of power and athleticism.

So how do you know if you are strong enough for the tyre flip exercise? If the tyre is really a motorcycle or a car tyre, which weighs a few kilos, then yeah you are pretty strong enough. But when it comes to flipping tractor tyres, which are actually used in many of the competitive events, then you need to stop and think- Should I do it?  Rather, than asking yourself can I do it?

Before you attempt flipping such a tyre, you need to know the basics of the techniques by heart. If you attempt such a flip with a rounded back and a horrible wriggly uncontrolled movement, then you risk injury.



In order to perform a tyre flip, you need to pick it up from the ground, lift it up and push it forward. This involves lifting a dead weight from the ground, cleaning it up and pushing it forward. So the basic movements are bending and lifting, and horizontal push, for 90 percent of the time, except when you change your grip from underhand to overhand.

The most important movements you need to be pretty good at, especially when it comes to form are:

  • Deadlifts
  • Cleans
  • Shoulder Military press

You need to have a pretty good hang of these workouts to even attempt the tyre flip. Having a good deadlift involves an erect back with a neutral spine along with good hip mobility. Cleans help you understand how to move the weights without fatiguing your minor muscles. And shoulder presses help you develop a good set of deltoids which are essential in pushing the tyre over. Along with these exercises, if you have a good benching and squatting/lunging ability, it will definitely help you in major events where tyre flips are to be performed.

And, you need to be moving around serious weights in these workouts because tyre flips are usually performed with tyres weighing over 300 pounds.

When you start with your tyre flips, ensure that you perform repetitions with proper form. This means that you would perform fewer reps. Isn’t it how you’ve started out initially? Slow and steady?

You could do 2-3 sets of 2-5 reps per set. Or you can even do 10-20 sets of 1 rep with 20-30 seconds rest in between each set. The priority here is proper form and technique. Once you get that right, you can work on doing more reps and sets.


  • Do the tyre flips as the first exercise of your workout, as this is a multi-joint compound exercise and requires all your energy
  • Maintain form for each rep.
  • Wear the right gear when flipping tyres. Too tight or too loose, and you could get distracted.


  • Do not perform tyre flips at the end of your workout. It requires maximum effort, which you have at the beginning of your routine.
  • Do not perform with an injury. You will risk an aggravation.
  • Do not stop breathing. You will end up pre-exhausted.

Tyre flips require a strong foundation of your primary lifting skills. It requires strength and technique, both of which can be acquired only after you have invested enough time in honing them. Mastering each of the basic exercises would give you the ability and confidence in performing the tyre flips.

Follow the above pointers and perform the tyre flips the right way, and you can grow into a full-blooded monster in no time!!!

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