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Did You Know – You Can Reverse Grey Hair

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Medically Reviewed By Dr. Aarti Nehra

Reverse Grey Hair

Premature greying and grey hair in general is a major concern for most people. Although greying is a normal part of getting older, do you know what causes it? Can the process be naturally reversed? How do you turn your hair back? Let’s examine the causes of grey hair and discover the various approaches to preventing early ageing. In this blog, we will discuss how one can reverse grey hair.

What Causes Grey Hair?

While a number of additional factors as well as genetics affect the occurrence of grey hair, genetics are very important in the ageing of hair.

  • Genetics – If either of your parents experienced early greying, you are extremely likely to experience it as well. According to a study, greying is influenced by area, race, and ethnicity.
  • Oxidative stress – It is brought on by an imbalance between your body’s antioxidant defences and free radicals. Free radicals damage cells and speed up cellular ageing, which accelerates the ageing process. Factors like obesity, tobacco use, and heavy alcohol consumption, cause oxidative stress.
  • Emotional stress – The stem cells in the hair follicles are thought to be diminished by psychological or emotional stress, which leads to early greying of hair.
  • Vitamin deficiency – Your hair’s pigmentation is affected by an unbalanced diet that is deficient in important vitamins like B, D, E, and biotin, which causes your hair to turn grey.
  • Medical conditions – A person’s risk of premature greying due to melanin deficiency can be increased by some medical conditions, such as autoimmune diseases.
  • Smoking– If you want to stop your hair from going grey, stop smoking because it not only harms your body but also speeds up the process of greying.

Can You Turn Back the Greying Process?

Depending on the source, you might or might not be able to stop your hair from going grey. Contrary to what some people claim, if the cause of greying is genetic, there is no stopping the process.

You can gradually stop or even reverse the process if there are underlying medical conditions or nutritional deficiencies. Maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced, nutritious diet and little stress if you want to get your hair back to its natural colour.

How Can You Reverse Grey Hair?

To reverse grey hair permanently these steps need to be followed:

  • Your hair is kept healthy by vitamins A, B (especially B12 and biotin), D, and E as well as minerals like zinc, iron, magnesium, and copper. You can prevent grey hair by including foods rich in these nutrients in your everyday diet.
  • Avoid using chemical hair care products, and avoid overheating your hair. These actions can help stop hair greying permanently.
  • Natural grey hair reversal with henna has been practised for years. You could mix this wonder substance with coffee and use the resulting paste on your hair. Your hair will turn from grey to black thanks to its dual function as a conditioner and colourant.
  • One of the most potent natural treatments to prevent grey hair is Indian gooseberry (amla). Amla consumption or applying amla oil to the hair are successful home grey hair reversal treatments. It is one of the best methods to reverse grey hair naturally.
  • Ayurvedic practitioners suggest applying shikakai powder to the hair. In addition to preventing grey hair, it also promotes hair growth.
  • Massage your head with pure ghee if you are looking for a natural technique to reverse grey hair. Your natural hair colour can also be restored with a massage with coconut oil.
  • Without using hair dye, you can prevent grey hair by massaging your hair twice a day for a few months with a mixture of almond oil, lemon juice, and amla juice.
  • Onion juice applied to the scalp helps in grey hair reversal.
  • Black tea’s tannic acid contributes to the hair colour’s deepening. How can black tea be used to stop grey hair? Simply use it as a conditioner for your hair, and it will aid in bringing back your natural hair colour.
  • Extra virgin olive oil can be combined with dried rosemary; after letting the mixture sit in the sun, massage the oil into your hair. This oil is thought to help improve the texture of hair and help reverse white hair.
  • Apply a curry leaf and yoghurt paste on your hair. Curry leaves can also be cooked in oil and then used for head massages.
  • To control blood sugar levels, improve and increase blood circulation, and maintain the health of your bodily functions, you should exercise for at least 20 to 30 minutes each day.
  • Spend time relaxing and getting seven to nine hours of sleep each night to recharge.

Tips to Reverse Grey Hair

If your goal is to reverse grey hair, you can follow the below mentioned tips:

1. Gentle Care

Use gentle hair care items devoid of harsh ingredients and damaging chemicals like parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), sodium Laureth sulphate (SLES), and strong scents that dry out and injure your hair.

2. Relax and Unwind

Stress is viewed as a factor in early greying by researchers from all fields. You must learn to relax and let go of unwarranted concerns for your hair and your general health, despite how stressful the last couple of years have been.

Good rituals and routines can be beneficial. Therefore, be curious about what makes you stressed out and start making changes from there, whether it is a new sleep schedule, cutting back on sugar in your diet, or deleting apps from your phone.

3. Use a Serum

Using hair serum’s nourishing formula can help lessen the visibility of grey hair on new hair growth with simple, daily application.


Although using these natural methods to reverse grey hair can help you get back your original hair colour, they might not be a long-term fix for your hair issue. It is best to seek professional advice if you want to permanently achieve lustrous, black hair.

To slow down the ageing process, adopt a healthy lifestyle that includes enough sleep, a healthy diet, and regular exercise.

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