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Exercise for Arms- A Beginners Guide to Build Strong Arms

Written By Puneet

When you just hit the gym, arms are something everyone wants. How to build bigger arms and exercise for arms are some of the most asked about questions in the fitness industry. A beginner should understand that your arm doesn't mean your bicep

Yes, that’s the muscle you would show to indicate you workout but trust me, the ultimate arms workout will not only contain curls because triceps are 2/3rd of the arm. We bring you the beginners guide to arms exercises that will give you rock solid pipes! 

For all arm exercises for beginners do 3 sets of 8 reps each.


Biceps by their name are two heads of a singular muscle group. The long head and the short head should both be sufficiently trained by various exercises that include a healthy combination of exercises tailored to hit both heads. Below are the three we think you should do:

1. Hammer Curl


This exercise isolates the outer head of the bicep, giving your arms workout much needed demension and structure. Do this exercise with both hands rather than one at a time to ensure maximum effectiveness. 

2. Incline Curl

Hands down the best biceps exercise if done properly. Instead of alternating, do both hands at the same time and ensure that you are using a full range of motion to ensure the dynamic stretch at the end. 

3. Concentration Curl

No biceps workout is complete without the concentration curl. The trick here is to monitor your tempo. You should go and come up slowly whilst keeping your elbow on the middle of your side tigh. Don’t go heavy as you will need to squeeze and contract the muscle well to ensure the effectiveness for this particular biceps exercise.



Triceps, as you might have guessed by now, are three muscle heads for a muscle group. Because the triceps are bigger, there are compound movements one can do, to really burn the triceps and ensure a solid triceps workout. What’s important to understand is, that for beginners there is no difference in exercises for men and women, so arms exercises for women and thus arms workout for women are not different from men. Here are the three exercises you should include as a part of your workout routine:

1. Tricep Dips

Parallel bar dips and bench dips are referred to as tricep dips but I would not recommend the bench dips because of joint problems that exercise can cause. Tricep dips on the other hand are extremely hard and thus extremely effective. Keep yourself straight and not bend forward as it will involve less chest involvement and more triceps. An exercise thus truly worthy for the ultimate arms workout.

2. Overhead Triceps Pushdown

The overhead triceps extension is an effective body building exercise for the long head of the tricep and allows you to fully contract the said muscle group. Not only that, this exericse will also work your wrist and grip support since you will be performing the exercise whilst holding a heavy dumbell. Keep on asking people how to get strong arms? Well here’s the exercise for you!

3. Skullcrushers

The most effective triceps exercise in my opinion, if done right. For people who complain that their elbows hurt, try doing these on a decline bench press and do make sure that your elbows are locked in place. Furthermore, the range of motion is important here and should be behind your face. Only then will you get a complete stretch in your triceps.



Forearms and Calf’s are muscle groups with a lot of red meat, meaning they will not burn out easily. Thus any forearm workout should be done with high reps, as high as 2 sets of 50 reps each. Only then will they burn and thus grow. Below are the best two exercises for forearm growth:

1. Seated Wrist Curl

A seated wrist curl is effective because it hits one half of your forearm but it can be trained in multiple ways. You can go heavy and low reps and even high reps with moderate weights. Whatever you choose to do remember to squeeze the muscle at the top for this exercise to be effective.

2. Standing reverse wrist curl

This is an effective exercise because it hits the upper side of your forearm that is not easily trained. Because it is behind the body, do not go heavy on this, instead use moderate reps and perform high reps till you can feel your forearms burn!

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