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Fat Burner Supplements – Myths And Facts

Written By Latika Gupta

Fat Burner Supplements

Fat burner supplements can be very effective in losing weight, but can you rely on them solely for meeting your weight loss goals? Do they have any side effects? We have tried to find the truth behind the mystery called Fat Burner Supplements!

You must have heard about fat burner supplements. They are mostly assumed to be some magical pills that help in melting fat from your body. But, the reality is far from what you perceive. They are actually made from ingredients that give extra boost to your fat burning process. But they are certainly not a replacement to your daily diet or exercise regimen that plays a key role in shedding those extra kilos. 

A good fat burner supplement works only if it is taken along with proper diet and exercise. Also, fat burners do not give best results when used improperly. The effects of a fat burner supplement on your body can be summarized in below points:

  •  It boosts your fat melting process so that your muscles can grow more quickly and visibly stronger. 
  •  Your energy levels are increased so that you can have intense workout sessions.
  •  It helps you in achieving a perfect physique, which is difficult to build with dieting only.

How Fat Burner Supplements Work

Fat burning process occurs when the level of heat is elevated within the body. Every time the heat levels are increased in your body, unwanted fat is burned. Use of fat burner supplements helps in effective breakdown of stored fats, which in turn is used as a source of energy. They also help in revving up the metabolic rates to ensure fats are being burned consistently during both rest and exercise period. 

You might feel that fat burners are good for only burning fat and that’s the only job they do. This is not entirely true because are made from several complex ingredients and substances that make them do more work then just burning off the extra fat. Some of their primary benefits are:

Increase in Energy Levels: Sluggish moments are common when you workout really hard to burn the excess fat. They leave you tired and exhausted to the core, especially if you are combining them with a stringent diet. Adding fat burners to this will boost your energy levels, thus adding enough oomph to your rigorous training. 

Thermogenesis: New fat melting supplements are powerful enough to increase your metabolic rate which makes your body burn more calories than its normal rate. Losing weight is all about calories consumed vs. calories burned and fat burners help you a lot in this endeavor

Appetite Suppression: Fat burner supplements work through an advanced scientific approach that helps in curbing your body’s craving for certain kind of foods. This mainly includes foods which are high in calories, sugars, and carbs. Adding fat burner to your diet effectively helps in controlling temptation for yummy delicacies that lead to fat storage in your body.

Myth 1 – Helps In Losing Weight Within Days

This one is undoubtedly the most common and popular myth surrounding fat burners. The advertising might look all promising and glossy but its nothing more than a trap to lure your desperation to slim down quickly. You might see temporary and quick results with the use of some diuretic heavy drugs, but they do not meet your long-term goals. Once you stop taking such fad pills your weight loss will reverse, thus putting you back to square one position. 

Myth 2 – You Can Target Weight Loss From Certain Parts of Your Body

There are plenty of fat burner pills that claim to burn your belly fat or thigh fat quickly. But, the fact is, you just cannot lose fat from one area of your body at a given time.When you start losing weight your entire body works in tandem, thus making you lose weight from every single part. However, some body parts like stomach may have a higher concentration. But it is not possible to lose weight from that specific part only. A healthy diet, exercise and supplementation regimen can help you in losing weight healthily from your entire body and not any specific body part only. 

Myth 3 – Fat Burners Are Free From Side Effects

Diet pills or fat burners are made using a wide range of ingredients that aid in melting fat away from your body. Most fat burners contain a high amount of binders that can give you very unpleasant bowel syndrome. Along with that, these pills are high on caffeine, which might possess danger to people who are sensitive to the high dosage of caffeine. Some other common side effects associated with an excess use of fat burners include hepatitis, liver problems, headaches, stomach problems, depression, and fatigue. 

If you ever hear someone saying that you do not need to follow a healthy diet and exercise regimen with diet pills and fat burners, stop them then and then only. No fat burner can give you desired results when consumed with a good diet and some sort of physical activity unless you want to suffer from some serious medical condition.

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