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Few Practices To Help Maintain Mental Health During Lockdown

TIps to maintain mental health during lockdown

Mental wellness is a positive state of mind that everybody needs to live a stress free happy life. And this time of lockdown due to rising cases of coronavirus signs and symptoms, maintaining it is as important and tough at the same time as never before. The sense of mental wellness comes from social connections and balanced lifestyles to meet the challenges and knock them down.  But at this time social connection and balanced lifestyles are quite tough to maintain. So, we need some extraordinary solutions or mental health tips to inspire us not only to survive but to live life fully in such a situation.  

As social animals, humans are attracted to the positive vibes of their surroundings to maintain or improve mental health. So, feel no guilt if some of us already have started missing our workplaces, schools, gym, colleges, and other public places. This lockdown has hampered not only the speed of our lives but also our ability to maintain the mental balance that can negatively impact on our work efficiency. That will drive us in a guilt trip and we will trap into negativity.  To break the vicious trap of negativity there are some mental health tips at work that must be followed by everyone.

Mental health tips at work: 

Mental health tips at work

Mental health awareness is the need of the hour. All of us are not familiar with the practice of Work from home. Most of us must be facing difficulties while coping with this new practice and feeling more like going to the office as never before and complaining of reducing efficiency. We have all the time of the day. We are saving the commute time and avoiding the several distractions by our colleagues and office environment that makes complaining does not mean a lot. But reducing efficiency is real too. We have to find out the problem first. Timing, office, and  environment are not a concern. Concern is our  mental wellness, we are getting bored so easily. We got 10 tips to improve mental health while working from home. 

10 tips to improve mental health: 

  1. Create A Time Table: We must have realized when we have limited time to finish certain work our mind stays active to do it on time. So, no matter how much work we have to do, try to  complete it in a particular time. Throw a challenge to meet the deadline. By maintaining the time and strictly following it, don’t give your mind a chance to get bored and you find a better work efficiency. Students can also include it to improve their performances. Students need time management skills more than anyone. Without maintaining their time properly, they are most vulnerable to stress. Creating a time table can be proved one of the best mental health tips for students. 
  2. Work From Home is A Real Job: As you are working from home, you can directly jump on your laptop to work from your bed or have tea and breakfast while working or work on your night suits but that doesn’t mean you should actually do that. Work From Home is a real Job. Your work efficiency will improve only if you are treating it as a real job. So, start your work on time, sign off at the right time. Make some rules because without rules or discipline the human mind is nothing more than a monkey. Keeping this monkey in the bay is your first successful step to mental health treatment to avoid boredom and improving the work efficiency. 
  3. Fix Your Workplace: Many of you know the benefits of working from the different spaces in the office. But at home you feel more relaxed than at the office and try to give some benefits of staying home by working on bed, lying down on the bed, and others. Once you lose it, you reduce the efficiency. To avoid it, make your working place look like an office. Sit on the Chair, put the laptop on table, and keep all the necessary valuables like water bottle, notepad, and others with you while working. Take a break from time to time. Name your break as tea break, lunch break, refreshment break, and others. 
  4. Don’t Feel Isolated: Communication with teammates and managers is one of  the most important mental health tips at work especially when you are working from home. 

As Coronavirus has compelled us to work from home we are struggling to make changes and leaving our habits to work with our colleagues. Feeling isolation is normal in such a scenario. That can negatively impact our work efficiency. So, start with your work by calling your team and manager and have a discussion on the work for today, how you are going to achieve that, and others. Call immediately, if you are facing any problem. If you don’t, you will forget easily. Share your experience of working from home with your manager, what problems did you face while working, how did you tackle it, why the work did not get completed, and others. It will keep you engaged and more into problem solving. 

  1. Curb The Uses of Mobile Phones: Limiting the unwanted usages of phone is important mental health tips at work. Watching the phone frequently hampers your efficiency. At this time when the pandemic and lock down is new normal, social media is full of fake news and overloaded news about coronavirus. Too much news consumption only leaves you in fear that can affect your mental wellness. To improve mental health, you need to avoid the usages of mobile phones. If you are talking to your colleagues, try to motivate them, and avoid discussing any unwanted news of Covid -19 as it will be a never ending discussion that will affect your work as well as metal status. 
  2. Take Multivitamin Supplements For Mental Health: While working in the office, we used to consume the fruits, and other healthy snacks to maintain our overall health. Due to this lock down, we are unable to get out to buy the fruits every day.  To fill the necessity of the  nutrients you can take these supplements for mental health as well as physical health.  
  • Vitamin B12 and Folate: This is one of the most important supplements for mental health that regulates the sleep and mood by facilitating the communication among our nerve cells. 
  • Vitamin D: Due to this lockdown, most of us are not able to go in the sunlight that can lead us to the deficiency of vitamin D which is a key vitamin for our nervous system. So, you can take it through supplements. 
  • Omega 3: People are avoiding eating meat, fish, and eggs nowadays due to this growing epidemic. Now, the best source of omega 3 is supplements. Omega 3 is one of the essential supplements for mental health that is found very helpful while fighting against depression. 
  1. Spirit Up Always: In this stressful time, you need to spirit up always to maintain or improve mental health. During the break  while working from home you can make a coffee or tea for yourself, talk to your family and motivate them too. Because a word of motivation to others can also spirit up you. 
  2. Make Your Food: It is the best time to change your habit and mold it toward a healthy lifestyle. Prepare your food with consciousness. An unhealthy food can take time but for healthy food you have to make your mind. Homemade food is the best way to stay healthy. It also gives your mind a freshness and good for your mental wellness. 
  3. Do Exercises: In the morning before starting your work, you need to give some time to your health. As mental and physical health go side by side, you need to focus on both as such time. Doing exercises is one of the best Mental health tips at work. Living in the home throughout the day makes you lazy, you take your health for granted. Most of us exercise means going to the gym but you can do a lot of good exercises at home. Do some yoga, meditation, and stretching before starting your work and the middle of your work. This is also one of the best mental health tips for students. Students should do exercises and make the balance between mind and body. 
  4. Spread Mental health awareness: Many of  us are not privileged to have the information of mental health. Even most of us don’t know the seriousness of mental health. Mental health awareness is one of the most important mental health tips at work. Whenever you get time, talk about it with your family, friends, and colleagues.

Follow all these 10 tips to improve mental health and stay motivated and improve your performances while working from home. Don’t be hard on yourself, if you are unable to make them place in one day. Keep practicing. Once you are able to include these all things in your schedule, you will see the changes on your mental wellness.

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