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Fish Oil Explained – Omega 3, DHA and EPA Benefits & Facts

Fish Oil

Fish oil, unless you've been living on mars, is a popular health supplement. However it is among the few that are confusing. Omega-3's, DHA, EPA; the benefits and the facts. What are Omega-3 fatty acids, How much fish oil should I take?

1. What is fish oil and what does it do?

Fish Oil is basically healthy fats that you obtain from either supplementation or the consumption of fatty fish like Salmon. Whenever you will obtain such a supplement always remember to focus on EPA and DHA content. But what are EPA and DHA? Simply put, they are essential fatty acids, EPA stands for eicosapentaenoic acid and DHA stands for docosahexaeonic acid, that are present most abundantly in fish oil. Now there are supplements like flaxseed that also contain EFA or essential fatty acids but fish oil or  Omega-3 supplements have the best kind of essential fatty acids.

Now that you have understood the difference between EPA and DHA also know that all general benefits of fish oil are derived from EPA and DHA. Thus right off, one should always look for the EPA and DHA content while understanding how to choose a fish oil supplement.

2. Benefits of Fish Oil

Fish oil supplements not only provide numerous general health benefits but also might assist in building muscle and losing weight. Studies have shown that people who take supplement with fish oil increase lean mass. However, a regimented nutrition and workout plan is necessary. Below are some of the fish oil benefits:

  • Researchers at Harvard have found that Omega-3 benefits include heart health and supplementing can reduce the chances of dying from heart disease, by 1/3rd, by breaking blood clots, reducing erratic heart rhythm, lowers bad and increases good cholesterol
  • EPA and DHA benefits also include prevention of breast, prostate and colon cancer. These fatty acids hinder the growth of healthy cells into cancer cells and destroys some of the cancerous cells as well
  • Researchers at the University of Sheffield also found that other health benefits of fish oil also include the reduction of psychological diseases like depression, schizophrenia, and bipolar disease. Other studies have also shown that people suffering from depression felt better when they supplemented with fish oil, along with their antidepressents.
  • Fish oil improves joint support thus giving your joints more cushioning to perform better and heavier lifts thus allowing you to get stronger and put on more muscle mass
  • EPA fish oil benefits also range from memory improvement, joint inflamation and moreover a higher IQ. Knowing this, are you honestly not going to even try it?!

3. Possible Side Effects of Fish Oil

With any supplementation arises possible side effects. Fish oil side effects when taken in very high dosages have shown to cause bleeding because certain fishes are more environmentally contaminated than others; like tuna. Therefore epa dha side effects would also mean the same and can also cause inflammation in case of an overdose. Do remember to supplement within the correct dosages.

4. How do you take them?

This is relatively simple. Take 1-2 tablets a day, or as directed on the supplement label after your meals, as per your convenience. Do remember that you do not need to take more than 2 tablets and if you can, the best way to get the benefits of fatty acids is to eat fatty fish that are used for muscle building.

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